Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ August © 2014

This month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective is brought to you by the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  She is the artist who created the Dark Goddess Tarot which I used for June’s Collective Reading. There’s something very mysterious and at times even frightening about this deck of cards. I find myself being drawn in, and sometimes faintly horrified by the images that fall before my eyes.

In a world where women are often rendered invisible, seeing a strong message come from a strong female archetype can be confronting. I love it. I believe that more attention needs to be paid to the wisdom of women (of course to my fellow humans who identify as male – I value your wisdom too. I’m just focusing on what is often hidden for this reading), so with what better tool to do this than the Tarot of the Crone? This deck is not for the faint-hearted, and for that very reason I think more people should acquire it!

We start with Justice, appearing to us today as a spider in a web. How are you helping us this month Justice?

Justice - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceI am doing my best to hold you all in balance. There are such marvelous and peaceful and inspiring things that some humans are doing, and some destructive, harmful and sadly ignorant things that other humans are doing. I must accept this, as it is my lot. However, sometimes I start to strain a bit under the pressure to weave the web fast enough to keep you all intact and closer to warmth-of-the-heart rather than cheerlessness of the heart.

Sometimes I think perhaps there is a force opposing you all and you will muck up my balance by believing The Sick People’s lies. But then I remember your tenacity and your capacity to question and be curious, and I feel better again as I weave away. 

The Sick People, Justice?

Yes, those who are addicted to money and greed and power and make decisions because of this addiction that harm others in at times brutal and terrifying ways. Go forth to the Moon little ones. She will help you understand more about how you can all move ahead, despite the challenges. 


The Moon - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceHello Moon, how do you shine?

I shine deeply, powerfully and rhythmically. I shine on all the Collective’s nonsense so that you can see what silliness and lies you perpetuate!

Gosh, Moon, is there something less intense you have to share with us?

I think you picked the wrong tarot deck if you don’t want ‘intense’. [Sigh.] Very well. I still maintain that you are all being silly, but really, if only more of you could start to have more wonder at the sheer magnitude of emotions I inspire in you all. You humans are nearly 70% water, and here I am affecting your ocean’s tides every day. Do you really think with all that water within you can escape my wisdom?

Come back to the flow dear children, choose the path that creates the most ease, and if anyone tries to convince you to take path that belittles you and is designed to keep them in power– don’t do it! Don’t believe them! Flow away from ignorance and into wisdom!


Shadow of Wands - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceDo you want me to speak, Collective?

Shadow of Wands (King of Wands)? Where are you?

Over here, behind you, in front of you and in you.

Ohhh gosh. Maybe we should just switch tarot decks to something a bit more light and whimsical. How about, ummm, the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot?

Be silent Psychic Sarah! You chose us for a reason and just because you don’t know the reason yet does not mean you back out before the message is revealed in its entirety. I can see the tarot archetypes up ahead and you are going to want to talk to all of them. Just chill out and sit with me for a spell. 

Okay. What do you have to tell us Shadow?

I prefer to permeate rather than speak, but I suppose I will speak for clarity’s sake. Just know enough about yourselves, Collective, so that you can clearly identify when you are in the right place and when you are in the wrong.

Leave the wrong places! Commit to the right places! Don’t suffer any fools! Whisper to the twilight of your dreams! Watch cats sitting in the night air! Step away from conformity and own your wisdom in its entirety.

The Fool - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince


And then forget everything and come fly with me!

Fool? Welcome!

Before I breathe my knowledge into you all, don’t think that just because my name is Fool I am one of those fools that Shadow just mentioned. I am beyond all that.

I speak to the void and have no idea what comes next in a literal sense, but I do trust that every step I have taken up until this moment is leading me to a more exhilarating sense of being alive.

As I claim my connection with the world, all of you who are willing to honour my way of being can make bold and commanding steps that will surprise and delight you.





Two of Cups - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceSurprise and delight. Surely that’s my cue to speak to the Collective? How are you all going? Do you still want to work with another tarot deck Psychic Sarah?

No, no. I am feeling much more relaxed now thank you, Two of Cups.

Good. So here I am, the Two of Cups, drawn as a lovely heart that in many ways seems to resemble a vulva – Crone power to the max! I am here to teach you all about committing to your precious, delicate hearts. 

What if our hearts have become stale and hard?

Then you’ll have to excavate more deeply. Keep connecting with people who inspire you, and keep distancing yourselves from people who are so consumed by self-misery they have lost sight of what remains dear. I want you all to be able to breathe freely and safely. I want you all to feel good about the decisions that you make, and that those decisions honour you and are proof that you are capable of meeting even your wildest dreams.

I know it can be hard to connect with me when strange and unsightly things are spoken of or acted out in the Collective. But I am always here, always ready to nourish you and more than ready to help you find the softness you thought you had lost a long time ago.

Chariot - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince


And I will help you bring that heart-connection to the world at large, with a kick-arse attitude to boot!

Hullo Chariot – look at you! 

Yes, just look at me will you? Be gone cumbersome chariot and horses –  give me my broomstick and away we go! What shall we conquer tonight darling Collective?

Do we have to conquer anything?

No, no, not in that violent and ridiculous sense. I mean the psychological sense. What of those naughty repetitive thoughts that immobilise your progress? Are we going to speak/shout at them so they shrink away and leave you all shiny in the moonlight?

Well gosh, we are the Collective – there are so many of those thoughts! What shall we do with them?

Stop being so goddamn attached to them! They are useless snively little thoughts that keep you in a place where goddesses and crones can’t grow. Try not to pay them too much attention. They will continue to come and speak to you but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to make them a cup of tea. My heart feels heavy as I think of how demanding they are for your attention.

Work with me this month my darlings and remember that you are so much more than your conditionings. Keep on moving and smile at the little rotters, they are a part of you yes, but they no longer need to rule you. Have fun children!


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. These images are used here with her permission. More information about this deck can be found at http://croneways.com/.

To find out more about how I work go to  sarahthepsychic.com/about/ and sarahthepsychic.com/faq/

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