Psychic Sarah’s Trip to the Golden Land ~ Burma (Myanmar) Dec 2013 – Jan 2014

Ah, The Golden Land ~ Burma (Myanmar) ~ what a wonderful place to immerse oneself!

I thoroughly enjoyed being in a country where there are places to meditate everywhere you look. And not just any place, but beautiful, ancient pagodas covered in gold!

The people of Burma were incredibly kind and were very pleased to see foreigners meditating – at a pagoda in Bagan, I felt a flash go off in my face as I meditated, and opened my eyes slightly to see a monk with a camera walking away!

One Response to “Psychic Sarah’s Trip to the Golden Land ~ Burma (Myanmar) Dec 2013 – Jan 2014”
  1. NIcole says:

    Yes indeed the Golden Land – your photos describe an incredibly beautiful place! A credit to yours and Mag’s ability to see and capture its essence. Stirs memories of SE Asia and now a longing for Burma.

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