Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ January © 2014 Sarah Barry

What do you get when you follow two weeks in Burma with the vagueness of jetlag, a post-Burma bout of lurgy and a very busy first two weeks back at work? A Terribly Tardy Tarot Reading for the Collective for the month of January…

To those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience. For those who have just stumbled across this having no idea it previously existed, how timely for you!

So let us call this reading, The Tarot Reading for the Collective for the Final 9 Days of January That Hopefully Encapsulates Everything it Must and More.

To assist us with this reading I selected an Icelandic tarot deck, ‘Íslensk Tarotspil’ by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir so that we could all have the added benefit of learning some Icelandic as we read about the final days of January. And perhaps this might remind some of you of your New Years resolution to learn a new language. Let us begin.

Örlagahjólid (Wheel of Fortune) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir


First up is Örlagahjólid, otherwise known as The Wheel of Fortune. Here it spins, reminding us to connect with structure in life so that we can accomplish the things that are most beneficial for our personal growth. It also tells us to spin away from the structure from time to time, in order to gauge how much we can trust our intuition and get clearer about our lives.

Örlagahjólid? Do you have anything to say before The Collective leaves you for the month?

Please don’t confuse me with the Australian television game show of the same name.

…Is that it?

For this month, yes. Go now. Bikar Tía (10 of Cups) is waiting.





Bikar Tía (10 of Cups) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa LoftsdóttirHello, Bikar Tía!

Greetings, Collective. So glad to meet up with you in the final stages of January. I suppose you are wondering how 10 Cups could assist the Collective this month?

Yes, it did cross our minds. 

The trick with me is that you don’t fill my cups with fantasies. I work with humans much better when they can relax and enjoy the benefits of a job well-done and a hope finally realised. If people start grasping after me and pleading for me to stay exactly the same – as they try to relight fires long since burned out and place more importance on memories rather than what’s unfolding in the here and now – I get testy.

I say, enjoy revelling with me, but know when to go home! I have no tolerance for folk who just won’t leave the party. Now, I am done with you Collective, go home!



Don’t worry Collective. You know, Bikar Tía usually appears with a rainbow and dancing humans. I think it was taking advantage of its more austere presentation to be a little sterner with you all. You can spend some time with us if you like.

Elskendurvir (The Lovers) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir

Thank you Elskendurvir (The Lovers). So how are you finding your Icelandic representation?

We are enjoying the simplicity and ambiguity of our shapes. Sometimes people like to overly complicate our appearance in readings, when really, we just want to sit with you all for sometime and gently remind you to stay connected to ALL aspects of yourself, rather than the ones that you perceive to be most attractive or society-friendly.

We would love there to be more acceptance of powerful self-love, so that those who walk solo don’t ever mistake their path for being less than those who walk as a duo (or more).

Partnership takes many forms, and partnership within oneself is the most powerful. If you can maintain a strong relationship with your own mind and body AND be in partnership with another, wonderful! If you find yourself with this strong self-relationship and walking alone, wonderful! We’re just happy that people are making the effort to stay in alignment.

Please keep enjoying your own beautiful company!



Bikar Sexa (6 of Cups) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir

Hello Collective, do you mind if we add to where Elskendurvir left off?

Sure Bikar Sexa (6 of Cups).

Following on from the efforts for alignment and strong self-loving that Elskendurvir can inspire, we, the Bikar Sexa, invite The Collective to be more open to their communities and to join gatherings about which they might be curious.

For these final days of January, and of course beyond, perhaps more of The Collective could be open to connecting with groups of people who offer enlightening love, grace and acceptance.

Sometimes humans can get stuck in ruts of negativity, and it can be so hard for communities to untangle themselves from the mess. To assist with the understanding that perhaps there are indeed friendly, conscious, lovely folk out there, drink with the Bikar Sexa (N.B. Our cups prefer to be filled with tea, thank you) and see if you can muster up some courage to step outside your comfort zone. Enjoy the new conversations!



Stjarnan (The Star) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir.jpg

And then step into my realm and integrate all those new experiences in a calm and healing way.

Greetings Stjarnan (The Star).

Blessings, Collective. Are you ready to slow down a bit?

Some of us, yes, and some of us, unlikely. Do we really all have to slow down?

In moments, yes you do. I will assist The Collective in making use of those sudden and rare quiet moments that appear that give you the opportunity to pull yourselves into a space where all that exists is you and your breath.

From that space, I will do my best to make sure that you spend at least a few minutes here and there focussing on your existence and how very sacred it is.

A few minutes is all we  need to focus on our existence?

Well, it’s a start. Some will focus more, and some less. Hopefully it will average out okay. Now move onto Sverda Nía (9 of Swords) whilst I finish up here.


Sverda Nía (9 of Swords) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir

Sverda Nía! Well, your current depiction is looking much more crowd-pleasing than your usual lady-crying-in-a-bed-with-9-swords-pointing-towards-her. But you know, some people already know a bit (or a lot) about you and may not enjoy that you are here.

Oh look, its just 9 Swords people, really! I know I sometimes appear in somewhat disconcerting forms but, you know, I’m just here to help you remember to actually DEAL with stuff rather than fling it around splattering people!

Let my 9 swords help you all remember to sit with problems as they arise and observe how quickly they pass away when you don’t infect your brain with stories that may not have any basis in fact. And even if they were once fact, they are no longer a part of present-day-reality, so learn to let go and move on to the next adventure.

Of course, I don’t want people to suppress their emotions, far from it, I just want to help the Collective get their minds out of the way so that they can truly experience how quickly suffering can pass when they give it a chance to arrive without flicking it away or drowning it in some way. Sverda Nía to the rescue!



Kylfu Drottning (Queen of Wands) - Íslensk Tarotspil by Inga Rósa LoftsdóttirThank you  Sverda Nía. Now, even though you were going to be the last card of the reading, I am aware that even though I personally am fine with your presence in the reading, some of the Collective may not be, so here is Kylfu Drottning (Queen of Wands). Firstly, I must share how much I like the Google Translate version of Kylfu Drottning: ‘Bat Queen’. Which, presumably translates to Queen of Batons. Kylfu Drottning, do you have a preference for what we should call you?

Bat Queen, Queen of Batons, Queen of Staves, Queen of Wands, call me what you like! Though I do particularly enjoy the sound of Kylfu Drottning, so that is what you shall call me.

Come to me if you have courage to look at your life and notice where you have held yourselves back. Come to me because you want to start working on ways of transforming the parts that perpetually get stuck, leaving you shouting in a unreasonable way at the moon.

The moon?

Just an example. Do not distract me.

Yes Kylfu Drottning. Please continue.

I’m nearly done anyway. Please just make sure that as you look at things you want to change in your lives, don’t forget to start with yourselves. And if you think someone isn’t meeting your needs, perhaps give them a break and try meeting your own needs instead. Or ask more clearly. Or get out of the way. Whatever you do, just make sure you are being authentic, and that you are genuinely trying to understand more about how you can bring more harmony into The Collective. We need all the help we can get. Carry on and thrive!


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with Íslensk Tarotspil © Inga Rósa Loftsdóttir.

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