Skype Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah!

Finally the wait is over! I’ve had many requests over the years to offer tarot readings via Skype for people who don’t live in Sydney. I have been waiting to find space in my timetable to make such a thing possible in an easeful way.

So I have decided to make Thursdays, Skype-ing Thursdays! This Thursday June 6 will be the first day that I do this. These readings are open to EVERYONE, regardless of whether I have read for you face-to-face or not.

So let the Skype-ing begin! You will need to pay via PayPal before the reading begins, so send me an email at sarahthepsychic[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll give you the payment details when I book you a time.

The prices:

15 minutes: AUD$25

30 minutes: AUD$50

45 minutes: AUD$75

I can work with different time zones so all you global dwellers – hit me up!

I’m really looking forward to connecting with more of my fellow humans in this way.

Sarah Barry (“Psychic Sarah”)

P.S This coming Monday June 10 is a public holiday, meaning Pure Botanicals (where I do face-to-face readings from) will be shut for the day. So I will be available for Skype readings this Monday June 10 as well! 🙂

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