Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October © 2012 Sarah Barry

This month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective is a bit different, mainly because I finally decided to come good on the promise I made in August to let a deck of playing cards rule the show. So is it still a Tarot Reading? I say it is, by mere default that I am a Tarot Reader. It states this on my tax records and on the census form. So, by virtue of this being written by Psychic Sarah, this is a tarot reading. With slightly different cards than usual.

Allow me to introduce The Key to the Kingdom, a beautiful set of illustrated playing cards based upon nursery rhymes. Now, let these cards have a whole new lease upon life – let them be woven into a tarot tale for the Collective.

We start our month moving away from the 10 of Diamonds – a sumptuous snake – as we find other things to do than lurk amongst the undergrowth. With this choice we recognise that although it is good to be able to see from different viewpoints as we move through the world, it is also good to shed our skins and integrate our learnings into the world at large. The snake is indeed our friend from whom we learned about initiative, but now we need to trust that we can come up to standing height again, and see the path from our natural angle so that we can be better prepared for the month ahead.


“Fanc(ssss)y wordssss Pssssychic Ssssarah. You know nothing about me. You think you can just ssssay whatever you like jusssst because you’re a tarot reader?”

Hmmm. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice what was being written about you 10 of Diamonds. You’re the first playing card I’ve ever written about. I guess I could have asked you directly what you were offering us?

“Yessss Pssssychic Ssssarah. You could have assssked. And if you had assssked I would have ssssaid that time with me issss time with the earth. Time with the ssssadness of the Collective. Time with the reality of consssstant renewal. And time with the wisssssdom of the Collective’s sssspirit.”

Oh. So why would we move away from you then?

“Becausssse you all like to ssssuffer. Haha….. no, becausssse it is time to move on. Find new wayssss of seeing things. I am but one perssssspective. With the capacity to shed your sssskin comes the capacity to become more whole, and ready for everything.

 Now, move onto the 6 of Clubs. He is waiting sssso patiently.”


Thank you for waiting for us to arrive oh 6 of Clubs.


“All I can do is wait. Can’t you see I’m stuck hanging on this wall?”

Ah, yes, so you are. Surely being stuck hanging on a wall isn’t a very good metaphor for the Collective…

“Depends on how you look at it. Personally I prefer to be the ornamental mask hanging on the wall, rather than stuck on people’s faces. Usually I just get covered in their sweat but sometimes people try and hide their true nature behind me.”

6 of Clubs… what do you mean?!

“I mean that the Collective must watch out for their motivations this month. Are you saying what is in your heart or are you tailoring it to suit the prejudices or limitations of others? Are you being your authentic self or are you hiding behind structures that bind rather than liberate you?”

Golly 6 of Clubs, thanks for the reminder to be authentic but woah – it’s all a bit full on so far.

“Pull yourself together Collective, there is plenty more to be seen and done.”

But how can we figure out whether we are hiding our true nature or not?


“Well, I would think that it would be a matter of feeling your way, dear Collective.”

Hmmm? Who are you?

“The 8 of Clubs, appearing to you now as a tapir on a moonlit night.”

What news do you bring to us 8 of Clubs?

“Shhhh. Just sit here by the water with me. I enjoy the silence at night, don’t you? Plenty of space in the atmosphere for contemplation. Although of course, the demons in our minds can be more active at this time of day. I thought it would be more beneficial for us to sit in silence together, but seeing this is to be read by the Collective, I guess we should talk instead.”

We could…

“And of course, even though I love to sit in silence, once I start talking I do enjoy the connection. I’ve been out by the river for so long now. I do enjoy the moon, don’t you?”

 Yes… is there something specific that you wanted to share with us, 8?

 “Specific hmmm? I could specifically tell you all to take rest from the noise of society from time to time. That sometimes to sit alone in the night air is to sit with a spaciousness of the mind that is as vast as the universe. That in the silence comes room to move away from the chaos of the paradigms we have been fed since we were young, and room instead to be more comfortable with ourselves in our current form. Not our past or future form – who we are right now.”

Lovely, thank you 8 of Clubs. Do you mind if we keep sitting by the river with you?

“No, run along now. I prefer the solitude. There are quite a few of you in the Collective after all, you know. I need some space to think.”


Okay… so I guess we shall just keep on going then. To… the 6 of Diamonds, wonderful! Although, the 6 of Diamonds is appearing as a house and I’m not sure how we’re supposed to converse with a house.


“You’ve chatted with a snake, a mask and a tapir so far, what makes you think you can’t speak to me?”

You don’t have a face.

 “Technically the Collective doesn’t have a face either. And this conversation is proving that a house can talk, no?”

 Good point.  So what would you like to share with us 6 of Diamonds?


“There’s no harm in keeping some doorways open. Protecting your space is good, yet learn to tell the difference from when you are being cautious or just plain paranoid and fearful. Don’t forget to take the garbage out.”

Anything else?

“No. I actually don’t really like talking. Go on to the 4 of Hearts – she’ll talk.”


“Hmmm… I prefer to bubble rather than talk.”

Well, dear 4 of Hearts, what do you have to bubble with us about?

 “Ohhhh I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me about yourself, dear Collective?”


Go on, answer the Collective, 4 of Hearts!”


 “Gosh, okay 6 of Diamonds. Golly, those diamonds can be so hardcore sometimes. So, Collective, you want me to share some insights it seems, from the perspective of what it is to be a shell with strawberry hearts, living on the ocean floor?”


Yes, perhaps your particular insight could help us.

“Well, all I really know is that it just feels so good to be different. I tried to fit in once upon a time but it didn’t really work out. Just learn to breathe with awareness and let life figure out the rest. Flowing is better than mowing.”


“Yes… there could be a deeper meaning in that. Or I could have just been trying to rhyme. Not sure. Perhaps go on to the King of Spades for clarification.”

Hi King of Spades. What’s going on?

“What’s going on? Am I supposed to know? What’s going on? Do you know what’s going on?”


“Do I get to phone a friend? A multiple choice option? Do I get a wild card?”

Well, yes King of Spades you can get a wild card option, but we’d really like to hear if you have any insights to share with us before we move on.


“Oh, insights, ah yes. Okay, well, I’m not sure if this will help but I like to do things that others say are impossible. I like to believe in myself and my ability to jump wholeheartedly into things that look silly and superficial on first glance, but are really actually very deep and purposeful.”

Could you clarify that oh King?

“Not really. I’m not sure what I said myself. But maybe the Collective will be happier if they let a little more eccentricity into the ranks? More fun and interesting that way. I can’t stand beige. Where’s the wild card?”


“Here! There’s two of us!”

 And you are?


“The 7 of Clubs – crack crack!”

“…And the 2 of Hearts – boo!”


“I’ll go first, crack crack!
I think as a club, all seven of them,
I would like to bring a bit of get-up and go.
I’ve been sitting around in this egg for a long time now and I’m ready to flow.
I don’t want to wait and neither should you,
so gather your strength and just say…”


“2 of Hearts! That was my rhyme!”

“It’s mine now, you got your point across I’m sure. I think that the Collective will want to finish on a more serious note. And that could happen with me, no doubt, if I didn’t have a heart for a face and heart for a bottom. I’m not sure what to say.”

I’m sure there are insights that a heart-bottomed baboon would have dear 2 of Hearts.

“You’re very kind, Collective, thank you. Really if there is anything I would like to say, it would be stop ignoring each other. Please. You are all beautiful, and if you Collective types are having relationships with each other, whether that be within intimate partnership, friendship or with your work colleagues, you will have more heart in your bottom and head if you remember to reach out to each other.

I like you all, and would hate to see anyone sitting by the roadside, forgotten. Listen to that pesky intuition – it will make sure you stay on track with what is most important, and ignore the mindless distractions that larger authorities try to feed you. You are more than that. You have a community-grown heart. Use it wisely.”


The deck used for this Tarot (Playing Card) Reading for the Collective: The Key to the Kingdom, Transformation Playing Cards by Tony Meeuwissen

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