[Newsletter] Softly Working with The Moon to Farewell 2019

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The Moon as the Card of the Month. To allow the softness of The Moon to quieten your senses, go to bit.ly/TNDec19 🌓❤️✨  

A Tarot Reading for The Missing Five (and the Rescued Two)

For those of you who aren’t aware, last Monday my sparkly, flower-laden Tarot Divination Bicycle was vandalised and five of the tarot cards attached to my spokes were stolen! While my bike and I are quite safe and we all should have nothing but compassion for he who did the deed, it was a rather … Continue reading

Tarot Newsletter: Mysterious Meanderings with The Moon

My August Tarot Newsletter is out! Read on for news of the mysteries of The Moon and other Psychic Sarah stories. bit.ly/AugMoon