Tarot off the Cuff: 7 of Cups

My second Tarot off the Cuff video is now live – you can view this 16 minute video hereTarot off the Cuff is a YouTube series featuring 10 professional tarot readers giving short, impromptu talks aimed at helping other tarot readers deepen their own process. We choose a card on the spot & speak about whatever comes to mind.

The emphasis for these videos is tarot tips, techniques and stories, rather than the meaning of the card. While aimed at tarot readers, I reckon anyone with an interest in tarot should enjoy! If nothing else watch it for my flexible facial expressions!


2 Responses to “Tarot off the Cuff: 7 of Cups”
  1. J. J. says:

    Great Sarah – love what you’re saying ,thank you for Tarot off the Cuff !! [Animated GIF] Jennifer Fay xxoo ________________________________

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