Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ January 2019: Le Tarot de L’Étoile Cachée

Dear Collective,

Welcome to yet another cycle around the Gregorian Calendar, and the first Tarot Reading for the Collective for 2019. This month I am using Le Tarot de L’Étoile Cachée (Tarot of the Hidden Star) by Elisa Seitzinger. I came across this unique limited edition major arcana tarot deck when I visited Treadwells in London last year. It’s a beautiful, surrealist style deck and I’m excited to use it for the first time doing a reading for the Collective!

This month’s questions are:

Where do we look for more depth?

What do we let go of?

What do we need to experience internally?

What do we uncover in 2019?

Let’s begin!

1. Where do we look for more depth?

La Lune ~ The Moon

Look to me to uncover the patterns you tucked away so long ago. Seek crafty ways of confronting yourself in all of your mess, so that you are less likely to fling the clutter away, but rather, consider it. Look again. Find another way of sitting with your chaos, a way where you exercise accountability yet also self-compassion. The mannerisms of The Moon are vast and deep, and if you want to take this time seriously, consider that noticing the discomfort you experience is an opportunity for change. So look for patterns and keep on seeking.

2. What do we let go of?

Le Monde ~ The World

Let go of the idea that you have to wrap things up nicely, complete everything, and come to a finite conclusion so that we can stop and decide what to do next. Recognise that life is always moving and we are to move with it until we die. So instead of seeking endings or even beginnings, perhaps look for the keep-on-goings and enjoy the movement of that. Notice that the lessons change constantly and the people who support you may change, but there is often a witness who is willing to help keep you on going, even if their presence is a subtle one that even they may not be fully aware of.

3. What do we need to experience internally?

Le Jugement ~ Judgement

Well, it may be that the Collective needs to experience discomfort, insecurities and uncertainty. But it could be said that everyone is experiencing that in ebbs and flows already! So perhaps it’s about allowing ourselves to acknowledge what is happening within in a more open and honest way. Maybe we can reach out for assistance now, rather than waiting for life to get so unbearably uncomfortable that we lash out and can’t cope. Can you see my all-seeing eyes and wifi signal? Where can you reach out for support if you can’t see it in your local community? Backup exists somewhere, so search for it while the wifi is available!

4. What do we uncover in 2019?

Le Soleil ~ The Sun

We can reveal a way of holding ourselves that is empowered and selfless. We can consider ways of interacting that are inclusive and accessible. We can comprehend the awesome power of the sun, and embrace it as our primary energy source. Solar power for the win! We can cement ourselves in our communities so that we can be of obvious assistance, and be welcoming of opportunities to grow and learn, even if they make us feel a bit hot and bothered at first. The Sun wants us to work with our most creative list of bold actions so that we can uncover ways of interacting with each other that centre kindness and warmth.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2019

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Le Tarot de L’Étoile Cachée (Tarot of the Hidden Star) by Elisa Seitzinger. See her beautiful work at www.elisaseitzinger.com

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Le Tarot de L’Étoile Cachée by Elisa Seitzinger

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