Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ June 2018: Tarot of the Crone

Dear Collective,

This Tarot Reading for the Collective comes to you later than usual as I spent the last few days of May and the first week of June in silence at Dhamma Bhumi in Blackheath. Then it was just the usual re-immersing back into meeting with clients, doing admin and warily attending to social media, where I try to do only what is necessary, and take my time with the rest. Now I think I am pretty much back on board – so here is a June Reading for you. Happy Winter Solstice to those in the Southern part of the globe, and a happy Summer Solstice to those in the North!

This month I am using Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. All of Ellen’s decks grab at my senses in a very particular way that no other deck does. While my love for different tarot decks is vast and plentiful, what I most appreciate from Ellen’s tarot creations, and in particular Tarot of the Crone, is how they pretty much shout at me, “WHAT ARE YOU IGNORING? WHY DO YOU TRY AND HIDE WHAT IS REAL?” So, I thought, those two shouty questions could be the first two questions of the month, followed by two more:

What are we ignoring?

Why do we try and hide what is real?

How can we teach ourselves to LOOK at what we find too scary to face?

How can we take action when we finally face those scary realities?

Too full on?? IT’S THE TAROT OF THE CRONE, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! Crones don’t muck around. They are here to show us what we need to do and while they may nurture us at times, the nurturing they offer isn’t the cookies and milk kind – it’s the I see you working, rest here for the night before you start again kind. I am aware that if the last Tarot Reading for the Collective you saw was the Salon Dada deck edition (last month), you might be expecting something a bit different. If you follow enough of these Readings though, you will see how my mood changes with each deck!

So, let us begin.

1. What are we ignoring?

Priestess (High Priestess)

Priestess - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Collective, you are hiding from your centre – the itchy sensation of your conscience trying to reveal the awful truths of disconnection and the awesome beauty of deep connection. By ignoring the Priestess you ignore solid awareness of your purpose in life as you flit here and there, trying this and that, never content to simply observe the sensation of what it is to exist in this strange and cumbersome reality. Why do you ignore the Priestess? Why do you dive back into the murkiness, even after you’ve have had an ‘aha’ moment? Why do you forget that you’ve already done the work?

2. Why do we try and hide what is real?

Ace of Wands

Version 2

Well, if you look at me, the Ace of Wands, you must act, no? And when you begin to act you get to see how much more there is to be done and all those worms come out of the can and they just keep on coming and coming and you must face your ego being destroyed again and again as you slowly realise that there will never be one simple proverb, snappy affirmation, clever poem or ancient book that will sum up ‘What is the meaning of life?’

If we noticed that what is real is constantly forming and always changing then we have to admit our own impermanence. And who wants to be reminded of that day in day out, in a world where we try to build empires while ignoring the niggling thought that says, “But what is this? What is the point of this empire you try to construct? Who are you trying to kid?”

So to those who try and hide what is real, I guess you will continue to ignore me! Hide from my attempts to pull you into action! Wander into pretty places where you can ignore the ceaseless cries of those this social system historically and currently tries to crush! Don’t come to me for inspiration today (I may offer that to you another day, so keep going)!

3. How can we teach ourselves to LOOK at what we find too scary to face?

Calling (Judgement)

Version 3

There’s a heart in here – do you see it? Do you see that my shadow has warmth contained within?

Do you understand that what seems harsh and scary can also be a way to embody a peacefulness that allows you to keep showing up to what needs to be changed, without destroying yourself in the process?  Can you see that I show you how self-acceptance can lead to enough internal strength to look at what is scary within you and around you? Can you trust that you won’t be engulfed by the shadows and that turning away from them is just a delusion? You are staring at me all the time. Why don’t you try looking at me again, this time without imagining I am separate from you.

4. How can we take action when we finally face those scary realities?

Six of Cups

Six of Cups - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.jpg

Look who is around you – when you find your kindred their faces aren’t important, their solidarity is. Pour what you have discovered through clear observation into places where people dislike the reality of change. Keep pouring until you understand that to stop pouring is to halt the process of life.

With the Six of Cups you will have no need for charismatic leaders – the photogenic politicians whose charm distracts you from the blood on their hands. All you will need is deep connection with those who are choosing to love rather than hate, those who are choosing community over commodity and those who understand that we cannot afford to pretend that everything will be okay simply by saying it will be. Speak with each other and get wiser with all you learn from each other, and step towards those who have been fighting for your rights for so long now.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2018

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. These images are reproduced here with permission.  For more information about Ellen’s work and this tarot deck, go to darkgoddesstarot.com

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Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

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  1. This is beautifully written and very good timing for me. Thank you! Happy Solstice to you in the S.H.

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