Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November 2017: Slow Holler Tarot

Dearest Collective,

For this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective, I am using the Slow Holler Tarot Deck by the Slow Holler Collective. An inclusive deck made by artists with ties to the Southern states of the USA and/or Queer identities – I enjoy the ways my eyes and heart relax when gazing upon its mysterious beauty.

The Questions for this month are:

How do we best face ignorance in ourselves and others?

What do we need to sharpen?

What do we need to soften?

What do we need to see more of in ourselves and others?

Let’s begin!

1. How do we best face ignorance in ourselves and others?

Ten of Stones

Ten of Stones - Slow Holler Tarot by the Slow Holler Collective

By giving ourselves space between our thoughts, we best face ignorance in ourselves and others. What we thought in the past can be vastly different to what we think now, and having space to expand and realise what’s going on around us can help.

We can potter around the home or any safe space where we can take the time to go about our day while thoughts drift in and out. When we notice thoughts that block our potential for growth we can pause and acknowledge that in a mindful way: trying to remain kind to ourselves but certainly not letting ourselves off the hook. The idea is to be grounded with these awarenesses.

When we notice ignorance in others, we have the opportunity to extend the same mindful kindness to them as we do to ourselves. Which of course, is really difficult, and at times seemingly impossible…. and if they are harming us with their words or actions, then what good is being mindful and kind?

Well, I guess we can start with what investment we have in them ‘getting it’ and go from there. Do we really need them to come out of this specific ignorance in order for us to be happy? Are we just wanting them to piss off and leave us alone, or do we genuinely want to see them grow? Are we able to hold our ground with grace, and be so aware of what we want to share that our clarifying presence will no doubt creep into the cracks of their being somewhere, no matter how subtly? And if the ignorance entrenches itself to the point of apparently no return, can we just retreat and surround ourselves with like-minded wonderful people and bask in each other’s company for a spell?

2. What do we need to sharpen?

Eight of Vessels

Version 2

Sharpen your wisdom, your spiritual tenacity, your ways of being that help strengthen your capacity to deal with the vastness – the mysteriousness of life – without the need for a belief system as a prop.

Sharpen what you are lowering to the ground,  what you are offering to your community. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it does need to be a true reflection of you.

Sharpen your tears. Let them fall with purpose, not just because you want to roll in the misery. Let your tears serve their purpose in the moment they arise, you cry for this moment, not another.

Sharpen the fear that letting go means losing others. If they need to go, let them go, but if they need to stay, let them do so naturally. Don’t let those fears suffocate them, or you. 

3. What do we need to soften?

The Magician

Version 3

Soften that haughtiness, that inauthentic sympathy, that ego.

But also soften that idea that you are meant to be fast, resilient and in control all the time.

Soften enough to make sure your tough exterior doesn’t become a faux truth while you spiral out of control inside.

Soften to make sure that people can still reach your heart even while you kick around making a mess. Soften to make sure there is still something rich inside of you and that you can make amends where possible.

4. What do we need to see more of in ourselves and others?

Two of Branches

Version 4

In ourselves and in others, we need to see


the onset of decay

that we are all skeletons underneath this flesh

that something grows from the pain

that we have all been messed up by these systems of oppression and that all-too-common statement, “that’s just the ways things are”

that an apology is nothing if it’s just words alone

that something beautiful and unique grows if we are still enough to watch, and wonder.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017
This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck. You can find out more about this beautiful tarot deck at slowholler.com

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Slow Holler Tarot by the Slow Holler Collective.png

Slow Holler Tarot Deck by the Slow Holler Collective

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