Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October 2017: The Collective Tarot

Dear Collective,

For this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective I am using The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective, partly because seeing the word ‘collective’ repeatedly amuses me, but mostly because it is a beautifully inclusive deck which soothes my tired, world-weary parts. Perhaps this deck can soothe your weary parts too.

This month’s questions are:

How do we dismantle the lies?

Who has our back?

How do we protect our minds and hearts from misguided bullshit?

How do we stay in connection with community?

Let us begin!

1. How do we dismantle the lies?

The Fool

The Fool - The Collective Tarot by the Tarot Collective

Dismantle the lies by being so honest and clear in your dealings with the world that those who rely on your believing their fabrications start to feel uncomfortable in your presence. Of course when I say honest, I don’t mean harsh (cue the petulant whine: “I was just being HONEST…), I mean being unashamedly clear about your observations (i.e, NOT your evaluations) so that those who persist in lying begin to unravel in your presence. I know the unravelling process can be painfully slow to watch sometimes, which is why I will pump lightness into your heart in between the heavy stuff, so that you are still able to connect with the important things despite any lingering treachery.

2. Who has our back?

Ace of Keys (Wands)

Version 2

I have your back and I have your heart. I have your memories and I will keep them safe. When I awaken within you, you will have no desire to behave in ways that dishonour the sacred stories people share with you in confidence. Unlock your own stories in my presence and be reassured that your revelations won’t be degraded by greed or manipulation.

For those strange, crazy, and hopefully rare moments when your stories might be gossiped about in corrupt ways that leave you feeling unsettled, lean into the knowledge that not everyone is so easily fooled, and that there will always be those willing to gaze piercingly at what is real, and what is not.

3. How do we protect our minds and hearts from misguided bullshit?

Seven of Keys (Wands)

Version 2

Protect your mind and heart from misguided bullshit by surrounding yourself with those who uplift your heart and speak to your intelligence. There is no need to face adversaries alone, it is far better to ignore the inflammatory comments of those who have no desire to connect with your experiential wisdom. If you feel called to face adversaries, meet them only with your people, so that you can keep renewing your energy as you face disappointingly stuck ideas and stances.

There is much ignorance to counteract in these times, especially from those who are unwilling to see how much has come to them so easily from mere accident of birth. Gather where you know you can find support, so that you can be reminded of what is most important in the quiet moments when it just you, alone with your thoughts.

4. How do we stay in connection with community?

Seeker of Bones

Seeker of Bones - The Collective Tarot by the Tarot Collective

Seek out the bones and there is community! Find the right bone though, not the rotten bones of old. Stay in connection with community by ignoring unnecessary expectations and rush toward those who find your very particular weirdness rather delightful and exceptional. Seek out situations that help you talk things through. Hold the talking bone. Speak when you’re holding it, shut up when you’re not. Don’t discard the idea of community just because someone hogs the bone and doesn’t want to share. Let them snuffle around while you talk with the wise ones. Perhaps they will get wiser one day – perhaps not. In a community though, maybe it doesn’t matter too much.

In the meantime, community is a collection of many parts – it is not a hierarchy – and no one deserves more attention than others. Forget the ‘deserves’: “I deserve this, I deserve that” – poo! Who cares? It’s irrelevant! Focus on what is most important, relevant and full of raw energy, right now. Focus on what can be made beautiful and help us all heal. Don’t let the divisions destroy. Be bigger than that. Be more loving than that. Keep creating good stuff and don’t let the silly potato-heads get you down.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Collective Tarot, by the Tarot Collective © 2012, Printed at Brown Printing, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A) Click here for more information about this wonderful, inclusive tarot deck (sadly out of print now).

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Seeker of Bones & The Fool - The Collective Tarot by the Tarot Collective

The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective

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