Tarot/Oracle Card Reading for the Collective ~ June 2017: Brown Magick Oracle

Dear Collective,

We are doing something a bit different for this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective, as it was my birthday recently and I was given a most excellent deck of Oracle Cards by my friends Xavier and Wasim. It is so good I want to share it with you all. Xavier said he discovered it by googling ‘Poo’ and ‘Tarot’. Perfect! When I wrote to the creator of the deck to ask permission to use his cards for my Collective reading and told him this, he wrote back: I’m glad that I’m in the top search for “poo and tarot”, what an honour!

What kind of oracle deck is this, you may be wondering? It’s the Brown Magick Oracle Deck by Richie Brown! And it has many messages for us, so let us continue.

What questions does one ask an oracle that has the poo emoji on the back of all its cards?

Brown Magick Oracle Cards by Richie Brown.jpg

I wasn’t sure at first, but when you are a tarot reader you simply must become accustomed to starting a reading without knowing what on earth is going to happen when you open your mouth (or start typing). It’s the only way to do it really if you want readings that aren’t merely formulaic.

So here is what I came up with:

When something smells bad, what should we do?

What is awesome?

What sucks royally?

Who are we anyway?

So let us begin this inaugural Oracle Reading for the Collective!

1. When something smells bad, what should we do?


Fan - Brown Magick Oracle Cards by  Richie Brown.jpg

On a literal note, whip me out and shake me hard! Or sprinkle me with essential oils and gently wave me around the room.

On a less practical but more enigmatic note, strike a fabulous stance, hold me ostentatiously and look everyone in the eye, thus distracting them from the smell with your glittering presence.

On a more practical and perhaps most effective note, go to where the smell is, particularly if it is a metaphorical smell, and point your metaphorical fan at the transgressor and fan their smelly words back at them. Make them feel sorry they ever unleashed such diabolical verbal diarrhoea on the unsuspecting public! Demand they atone for their stinky sins! Command them to sit in their smell, stay in their smell and inhale their smell until they jolly well come to their senses and understand that they can’t just fling their pong around in a manipulative way without expecting an uproar. May they come to know the full force of FAN! May they shake in their boots at the reflection of their own hypocrisy!

2. What is awesome?

Sad Pizza

Sad Pizza - Brown Magick Oracle Cards by  Richie Brown.jpg

I am awesome? Well, I think I was once awesome, before I got sad. Am I really still considered awesome?

Yes, Sad Pizza, it seems that you are.

Ok. Well I suppose you want me to talk some more? I guess I can still be awesome despite my sadness, because even though I have been torn asunder from the warm whole circle I was once aligned with, I am still cheesy and some people like that.

Even though I’m a bit droopy at times, people still want me to hang out with me. Maybe my awesomeness, in part, isn’t despite my sadness, but because of it. So maybe when we get all droopy and sad-face with each other, we are being more real. We aren’t pretending that everything is super fantastic, we are just going, “I had a hard day today.  I am feeling mopey and weird. Want to share some pizza?” I hope we can all be awesome like that, together.

3. What sucks royally?


Unicorn - Brown Magick Oracle Cards by  Richie Brown.jpg

What?! Really? I suck royally?

The oracle says yes.

Fine. Whatever. Ergh. I guess it has something to do with how people think of me as an elusive perfect fantasy, and get obsessed with that instead of just getting on with the task at hand.

I suppose I inspire people to hope for things that are unattainable, and that may even be downright bad for them. I can be like the seemingly perfect lover who is actually a rather superficial rotter, but you’re too busy projecting your ideal-partner-fantasy onto them to see them for who they really are: pooey and superficial.

Pah! I want to be just glittery and amazing again! Why can’t people rub themselves in glitter (preferably that very expensive biodegradable kind) and sing songs about rainbows like they used to? I don’t want to suck! Rah! Enough with your moronic fantasies! See me for who I am! A make-believe horsey with a horn of power!

4. Who are we anyway?


Female - Brown Magick Oracle Cards by  Richie Brown.jpg

It is true you know. When we were in utero we all began as female. Some of you then mutated into other genders, but the female is the original matrix.

So what are we going to do with this knowledge? Get all caught up in imposing binary gender roles based upon bits of flesh? We are animated skeletons wrapped in meat. Why does the Collective insist on assigning roles and responsibilities based upon what shape your skeleton is, and how your meat hangs upon it?

If the Collective is Female, I pronounce a celebration of skeletons, chromosomes and hormones. We can all sit together and discuss the various ways in which our hormones flow and the changes we feel at different times. For the record, testosterone is a hormone, and one that urgently needs to be brought into balance. Everyone is familiar with the notion of the hysterical woman, but we are rarely asked to consider the catastrophic effects of unhinged testosterone: war, violence, mansplaining….!

Ideally we could stop viewing the genders as binary, static things, and get on with exploring the glorious expansive amazingness of all the ways in which we can exist, beyond the confines of societal conditioning.


© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017

This Oracle Reading for the Collective was done with the Brown Magick Oracle Deck by Richie Brown. These images are reproduced here with their permission.  For more information about Richie’s work and this oracle deck, go to www.richiebrowntown.com and on Instagram go to @richiebrowntown.

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Brown Magick Oracle Deck by Richie Brown.jpg

Brown Magick Oracle Deck by Richie Brown

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