Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March 2017: The Disciples Tarot

Dear Collective,

Welcome to March’s Tarot Reading for the Collective, and welcome to my latest tarot deck acquisition – The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese. I came across this deck late one night on Instagram, scrolling, scrolling, until… “oooh that’s pretty what’s that”? Five minutes later, after looking at enough of the images available to decide that I really liked this deck, I hit the purchase button. And a few days ago this treasured package arrived at my doorstep. I like the dreamy other-worldly quality of this deck, it tugs on something deep inside of me.

The questions for this month’s reading are:

What wakes us up?

What sends us to sleep?

What does an ending look like?

What does a beginning look like?

Let us continue to the reading, with the cards speaking in their own voices, as usual.

1. What wakes us up?

The Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups - The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese

I awaken you into an existence worthy of the tenderness of your hearts. I pour mystery into your fragile logic and make you unexpectedly emotional. I remind you that you are all human, you are all fallible, and you are all in need of a good cry. How can you hold in your minds the unspeakable atrocities committed against each other and all the beings on the planet, and the planet itself, without a tear escaping your eyeball from time to time?

I wake you up because sometimes a tender smile, a knowing glance, or a nod of the head is what propels you forward to do the work you are meant to do. I remind you of the bodies you live in, and the need to be kinder to them. I speak to your hearts and challenge you to be honest about how you feel.

Love wakes you up. Silence wakes you up. Introspection wakes you up.

2. What sends us to sleep?

The Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands - The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese

I don’t often like to think of myself as the one who sends you to sleep, but I can see how that is my influence right now. I send you to sleep because you await the golden ticket – that perfect opportunity – to fully grasp the kind of life you want. I am sending you to sleep as you dream up harebrained schemes that rely upon pure dumb luck to achieve your purpose. As you sleep, I will send you dreams that teach you to rely on your innate creative impulse to challenge your mind to think beyond the conditioned structures we have all been born into.

I am sending you to sleep because I am tired of watching you wait for your life to change. You failed to recognise the subtle ways in which we are all changing, every day. You were waiting for the big bang when you needed to be looking out for the ceaseless, almost imperceptible shift in the quality of the atmosphere around you.

Let me send you to sleep so I can infiltrate your dreams with ideas worthy of your attention, and worthy of your brief human life.

3. What does an ending look like?

The Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords - The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese

An ending looks like a deep cut that you couldn’t feel until you saw it. It looks like something you are dreading, but will be surprisingly okay with, if you just let it end, let it end.

I cut away at the petty thoughts and grumbly statements and push at them, making you aware of the ever-rising toxicity of allowing yourself to dislike yourself so much in those moments. A peaceful mind doesn’t generate negativity, but you’re only human, so you’re bound to fall into destructive mind-states from time to time – but are you willing to try and move beyond the noxious thoughts?

I don’t mean just forcing yourself to think ‘positive thoughts’,  for how can you do that if you are not able to calmly acknowledge the discomforting thoughts and actions that you perpetuate daily? Let me end the idea that you’re supposed to smile and be okay with everything. Let me end the notion of a pure, infallible human being. Let me help you embrace the paradox of humanity, and let me end the fear of not getting it right. There is more to look at, and in order to see what must be seen, there must be a willingness to cut away at the idea of formulating a perfect plan.

4. What does a beginning look like?

The Star

The Star - The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese

It looks like something that soothes your heart, as you become aware that you have another chance. Perhaps you can make it work this time. A beginning looks like a change that requires you to disbelieve everything you thought you previously thought you knew about yourself. Perhaps you have grown, perhaps you have dissolved more of the old trauma, perhaps you are ready to step into a more grounded and certain way of existing.

Let me help you walk past those who are committed to staying stuck in the past, or trying to keep you stuck in the past. I will be your starry shield as you push yourself forward, helping you recall those crystal clear thoughts that flicker in and out amongst all the conditioned teachings. Let me show you what it is like to be soothed when all is falling down around you. As long as your heart remembers the feeling of what you were taught to forget, there is always a chance to reintegrate, reassess, redefine and revive.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Disciples Tarot © Kathryn Thyme Giese 2017. These images are reproduced here with her permission.  For more information about her work and this tarot deck, go to www.northwitchestarot.com. You can also find her on Instagram at @witch.of.the.north.

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The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese#

The Disciples Tarot by Kathryn Thyme Giese

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