Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ January 2017

Dear Collective,

To start 2017, instead of asking several questions for us to contemplate this month, I thought I’d just ask, which 5 archetypes can serve us best in 2017? Or rather, which archetypes can show us what we need to see, and help us stay on track.

This month I am using my newest deck, the Slow Holler Tarot Deck , which was collaboratively illustrated and imagined by artists with Southern (USA) ties or queer identities or both.

At the start of January it is customary to set positive intentions for goals we wish to achieve in the coming year. I am somewhat hesitant about the positive-intentions-alone-will-save-us spiel. Of course there is always room for beautiful moments of intimacy, connection and awe, but in the course of a year, all of us will face many challenges.  I don’t believe that positive affirmations alone will take us to a space where we can deal with all the uncertainties we face. This year, the Collective will experience death, illness, and sadness alongside the joy, wonder and beauty. Affirmations won’t prepare us for that, but if we are willing to communicate with each other as best we can, to be as honest and as upfront as we can, and to listen with our hearts as open as possible, it is more likely we can get through another year with enough wisdom and curiosity to keep on exploring this life.

So, the 5 archetypes that can serve us best in 2017 are (speaking to you in their own voices, as usual):

The Moon


Rise out of the muck and see further than you’ve seen before. Dare to renounce old wounds that do nothing but drag you back into oblivion. Speak from a place that is ancient and filled with chaos. Give light to what cannot be described cleanly or neatly. Roll with the complexities and trust that at some point, there will be a breakthrough. I don’t have any answers but I know how to push forth a catalyst that will point you towards the clues you need, to keep on moving and discovering.

Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune)


Spin with me, my treasures, and learn to read the messages that say stay here, move on, let go, gather speed, slow down, let go, let go. Learn to look for the signs that tell you when to embrace change, when to be spectacular in your pursuits, and when to go undercover. Trust that on the days you find yourself in a bleak space, somewhere in the world, someone is manifesting beauty and peace. They must be. On the days you feel peace in your heart, see if you can share your merits a bit further than usual, to keep the wheel on turning. Gratefully receive the small moments of wonder, even if they barely glimmer. And when the wheel turns, be courageous enough to receive the bountiful shares of hearty blessings as well, so that you can better face the challenges that always await us somewhere around the corner. Be as clear and as peaceable with your intentions as you can.

The Storm (Tower)


Let me pull away all the structures that keep you separate from your true self. Let me reveal the lies and greed infusing the Collective. Notice me helping you to wake up to what you can do that can contribute to lasting change that revolutionizes our communities rather than disbanding them. When I come through, do your best to not fear me, and be ready to face the messages I bear, which will sometimes be painful. Avoid my most intense aspects where you can, by listening to and then following your intuition. I bring change, but it need not be destructive, unless you ignore me.

The Sun


Take a moment to bask in my warmth. Take a moment to recover from the day’s work. Remember to smell the flowers as often as you can, whether physically or metaphorically. If there are no flowers in your neighbourhood, plant some. Engage in guerrilla gardening, and bring back patches of sunny joy where you can. Don’t let uncertainty equal horror. Give the uncertainties the positivity they need to create themselves in more exciting, hopeful and cheeky ways.

Nine of Stones (Pentacles)


Let me help you take a cheery leap to the top of your self-made mountain, so you can see how far you’ve come, and so that you can feel the wind on your cheeks. Know what you can grow, and do your best to nurture it enough to share with at least one other member of the Collective. Be content with what you share, as you may never know how powerful your seemingly insignificant gifts can be. You are not here to just be pretty: you are here to kick up a stink about the things that don’t make sense, and prove to the ones who can’t envision a life without institutionalised structures that the Collective does not need to be contained by anything authoritative. The Collective can find much treasure by connecting with each other in open-eared, open-hearted and heartily brave ways.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017
This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck. These images are reproduced here with the permission of the Slow Holler collective. You can find out more about this wonderful tarot deck at slowholler.com

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