Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ February 2015

This month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective comes to you courtesy of The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams. I was wondering what deck to use when I realised it had been a while since I had looked at this deck. That, and also recently reading stories online from other tarot readers about how loved the late Brian Williams was (by all accounts he sounds like someone I would have liked to have known), made me want to connect with this deck.

So here we start with the 8 of Pentacles, as we do our best to climb back to the top after sliding downhill somewhat from the high hopes of all the New Year’s changes we might have anticipated.

8 of Pentacles - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams

That’s what I like about February. If New Year’s Eve and January just went by in a flurry and you got to February all wild-eyed and saying, “whaaaat?”, we now have yet another New Year to celebrate this month – the Chinese New Year (Year of the Sheep/Goat) on Thursday February 19. So we get to start again and keep working and rebuilding to make our actions more in alignment with our hopes and dreams.

Any words to add, 8 of Pentacles?

Don’t lose sight of where you are going, and keep working hard. Every now and then you will have doubts, or others will throw their doubts at you. Even as the uncertainty creeps in, please don’t allow it to stop you from what you do best. You are navigating your very own path here, and that includes unknown territory.

People who tell you something can’t be done are likely to be lacking in imagination, not understanding that this is a big, vast universe made up of fractals and wonder and a heck of a lot of unknown things. They might also be boring. Please don’t be boring.

Thank you 8 of Pentacles. 9 of Wands, will you speak to us now?

9 of Wands - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams

Of course, Collective. So now that you have been cautioned not to be boring, allow me to help you be patient with the path you are building. Not a passive patience mind you – you can be strong and forthright with me – but a wise patience where you carefully choose what activities are more important for your current path.

No doubt there are many paths you can jump into at this time. Or perhaps you’re thinking there are no paths worthwhile taking and are completely confused as to how to move forward. It doesn’t matter how you’re walking or stumbling with me nearby.

I will help you remain curious, remain certain in the understanding that all is unknown anyway so you might as well be at one with the mystery. And then slowly move forward, and notice how life starts to shape and reshape itself around you, surprising you and teaching you new things about yourself and others. Once the time has ripened and enough information has dropped into your skull, you will know what to do.

…Allow me to lead the Collective from here, my 9 of Wands.

Please do, O Moon.

The Moon - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams

Softly, slowly, gently, allow me to take you into that shaping and reshaping space, about which the 9 of Wands spoke to you. 

Some think my ways somewhat loonified, but only because what I do to you is so invisible and strange. The ones who live near water may know my effects. The ones who have wombs may know my effects. The ones who have a looser and more flexible hold on this ridiculously over-constructed ‘reality’ you have mass-manufactured for yourselves (O Collective) may know my effects.

 And for those who remain unsure about what I am teaching you, try and connect with me this month by being both guarded and open, all at once. It is possible if you really try.

Now go forth to the 9 of Pentacles, who may be able to explain things to you in a more direct, practical fashion. 

9 of Pentacles - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams

Hooray! Yes, let me explain things! Or rather, just come and celebrate with me! And if you’ve got nothing to celebrate then just make a plan and keep it small so it can be achieved straight away before the chai gets cold. By small I mean something you manage to do every day that brings benefit to your life in some way. Brushing your teeth brings benefit to your health!

So now that we have something to celebrate, we can enjoy the fact that we are still alive to enjoy each other’s company. And now you can plan for the big things too – the things that will require more effort and endurance. Now that you know that I exist as a part of your psyche (along with all the archetypes, no need to fear us) then you will be able to support yourselves to achieve wonderful things and to find the support from others when you are in a bit of a funk.

And now, for those of you that prefer the deeper vibes, The Hermit is here to speak with you all.

 The Hermit - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams

Oh my, all those 9s! I am number 9 of the Major Arcana, and you have met with the 9 of Wands and the 9 of Pentacles. What could it all mean? It could mean so many things depending on your outlook. But one thing for sure, you are all in for a Hermity month.

And being Hermity is certainly nothing to balk at. I will help you shine a light on that which needs to be illuminated. You can be sure and thorough with me. My guidance helps you speak only when necessary, and when it is necessary you will be more mindful of how the words shape themselves as they leave your mouth. How will they sound and how will they land? If you notice confusion on the landing you can make the choice to clear up any misunderstanding right then and there.

Show others what you can see so that they can understand you better. Trust that your life path can be both mysterious and accessible all at once. You don’t have to be alone under my influence, yet you can certainly learn or remember how to think for yourself. 

And now dear Collective, I believe the Prince (Page) of Cups is up ahead to perhaps bring a lighter, brighter end to this reading.

Prince (Page) of Cups - The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd & Brian Williams 

Thank you Hermie! Well my friends, with me around it is time to dance, be merry, share the love, spin around and repeat. Do this literally or metaphorically as it suits your body, mind and temperament.

I can be especially useful at parties (I help everyone break the ice with my loving vibration without any intoxicants needing to be poured) but I can be equally good for quiet gatherings or a solo cup of tea in the morning, afternoon or evening light.

With me in your midst, let the cup runneth over, yet do your best to stay with an authentic joy rather than a fabricated one. No pretending with me around! If you don’t feel like connecting with others then stay at home with a cup of tea and a good book! However you mingle with the world this month, choose your moments intuitively and let your mind and heart take you there!

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Reading with Psychic Sarah 2015

The deck used for this Tarot Reading for the Collective was The Light and Shadow Tarot  © 1997 by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams. Artwork © Michael Goepferd. Published by Destiny Books, One Park Street Rochester, Vermont 05767 www.InnerTraditions.com

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