Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ July © 2014

This month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective comes to you slightly late due to my immersion as a volunteer at the Vipassana meditation centre in Blackheath, on a 10-Day course (yay!). I thought I would use one of the trippier tarot decks in my collection for this reading, for a bit of added excitement and mystery to help me say thank you for waiting.

So may I present, the Fractal Tarot by Sara M. Pellerin. All the familiar forms have disintegrated with this deck, and we are left with the fractals in all their swirls. Who knows what my brain and tap-tapping fingers on the keyboard will make of this? Let us see…

Page of Swords - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. PellerinWinding winding winding my words around your hearts and piercing your minds with my honesty and clarity and verve.

Woah! What a beginning Page of Swords. Are you speaking to us or through us psychically?

Let’s not make this reading any more trippy than it needs to be Psychic Sarah. Let’s just say I’m speaking to you all. Not with a mouth perhaps, but I am speaking all the same.

Travelling with me this month means the Collective can find a way to talk about things they had no idea how to broach before due to fear or anxiety. Walking with the Page of Swords can help you all open up to new ways of being honest and clear.








King of Pentacles - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. Pellerin…And I can help you all work with what you find in a way that is explosive yet grounded, penetrating yet kind.

King of Pentacles, thank you for coming. What can you prescribe for us this month?

I can prescribe the use of your noggins as well as your practical, personal experiences. I hope you are relying upon your own understandings rather than the fancy words of those who may have only skimmed the surface of wisdom, and not fully integrated anything worth listening to. I will help you face your challenges with the confidence that you can handle whatever may occur.

I also remind you to hug trees.


I would like to think that I do.






Two of Wands - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. PellerinTwo of Wands? Is that you up ahead? You look a bit like seahorses.

Perhaps, but it’s probably best you don’t try and give any of us fractals a recognisable form – we’re all beyond that now. Instead, notice how I, the Two of Wands, flow. Happening upon me means the Collective can get ready to understand more about the hidden nature of things.

Instead of just accepting things as they are, you all now have the choice, and indeed the capacity to be curious about what may unfold. Exploring doesn’t have to be an exercise in superiority or the meeting of one’s own desires alone.

Exploring can be a way of unfolding and reshaping oneself so as to allow a more thorough yet ambiguous way of relating to the world around you. Walking with the Two of Wands means you have a better chance of opening up to unexpected possibilities and realisations.





Ace of Swords - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. Pellerin…And if you want sharp and steady, come to me.

Ace of Swords, you came.

Of course I did. You are all starting to expand your perceptions, so I think you are in need of a precise way of integrating all that you are learning. I can help you recognise what works, discard what doesn’t, and put into words the feelings that hardly ever bubble beyond your heart before they get swamped by memories and dreams that keep you from being in the moment.

I, the Ace of Swords will do my best to keep you all more present, and less likely to get caught up in falsehoods. I can’t stand falsehoods, they are so limiting and unnecessary. And no where near as fascinating as reality.







Page of Wands - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. PellerinThank you Ace. Is that the Page of Wands up ahead of us now?

I suppose it is me, yes. But you’d better catch me quick before I dissolve into the vortex.

The vortex?

I think, yes. It’s this fractal thing. It’s all starting to get a bit loose now. But I am a Page, and good at initiating new experiences, so…

Is there more you can share with us, O Page of Wands, before you disappear into the matrix?

Ahhh, just… try and start things instead of talking about them. Instead of getting frustrated by the slow progress of others, steam ahead yourself, living in a way that heals your psyche as well as helping others break out of their own conditionings and prejudices. If they are courageous enough to do so, that is.






Four of Pentacles - Fractal Tarot by Sara M. PellerinWell said, Page of Wands. Now dissolve off into the vortex and I will stay with the Collective to show them how to integrate the Busyness of Everything.

The Busyness of Everything, Four of Pentacles?

Yes, life is busy, isn’t it? And don’t most of us struggle at times to contain all that we have learned so that we can go about our days in a more relaxed and grounded way? I can help you all with that.

In classic Four of Pentacles style, I encourage you to hold onto only what you need to. If you are wanting more groundedness you will need less clutter. And whilst this can refer to material belongings (Psychic Sarah, I am noting the size of your wardrobe, and hearing your justifications that “a tarot reader simply must have lots of fancy clothes”, and I am going to let you off the hook, but for this reading only), I am actually referring to mind clutter.

All the stories that take up unnecessary space in your head. All those comparisons. All those negativities that are on constant repeat-mode. All those fears that your past is going to come back and bite you. All the agitation when life doesn’t flow along like a sweet song.

Really, I am just here to remind you that you can deal with this. That you can get clear in your head amongst all the silliness, and work on your own stuff rather than blaming others for not being perfect. Enjoy the fractal way of being!


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Fractal Tarot by Sara M. Pellerin. More information about this deck can be found at http://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/fractal-tarot

To find out more about how I work go to  sarahthepsychic.com/about/ and sarahthepsychic.com/faq/

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  1. Nicola says:

    Perfect! Funnily enough you have been coming to mind a lot recently and I had been thinking of contacting you for a reading (still may do so). Between your newsletter and the collective reading I’ve got lots of food for thought for the questions I’ve been pondering. Ah wonder-full. Mucho metta, Nic R

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