Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April © 2014 Sarah Barry

This month I consult with some of the archetypes from the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea, by Julia Turk, to get not only some mystic advice for the Collective, but also some stylish dance moves to help us all face the – at times rocky – road ahead. I thought perhaps this reading could be done as an interpretive dance on YouTube starring myself as the different tarot archetypes. I have decided though that text is best. Although, maybe there could be room in my repertoire for a Collective Reading video some day (let me know what you think).

6 of Wands - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk


First up this month we meet with the Six of Wands [Dance Step: ‘The Here-I-Am’ ~ acrobatic, gung-ho and yeehah high step]. Always an exciting addition to any party or conversation, the 6 of Wands reminds us to not only acknowledge our various accomplishments but enjoy them as well.

I am more than just a partygoer you know. 

Well, of course 6 of Wands. Would you like to share some of your meaningful aspects with us all?

Well, at the risk of sounding a bit desperate to impress you all with my deeper qualities, I am actually very good at inspiring a desire to just get things done. I will help the Collective peruse their surroundings and feel the confidence to take on the seeming most challenging of exercises, and find the stamina required to complete such a task.






2 of Cups - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

…And we shall ask the Collective to integrate those busier times with a bit of quiet time with us.

Greetings, Two of Cups [Dance Step: ‘The Morphing Wonder’ ~ slow, considered, balanced. Best done as a duo, though can be done solo if one is uninhibited].

Hello Collective. In addition to integration, we offer counsel on commitment, with special attention for those who claim to be commitment-phobic. I mean really, how difficult is it to commit to yourself and your own needs?

Well, it seems, it can be quite hard to commit to one’s own journey, if we take a look around at the Collective.

Really? Even though it is a very grounding and pleasant thing to do?

Well, I think deep down we Collective want to connect deeply with ourselves and our individual paths, but there are some of us who have far more grave obstacles to pass through than others. Do you have any suggestions for those who might have more difficulties realising their dreams?

Well, I’ve provided that dance step, ‘The Morphing Wonder’ for people to follow…

Well, yes…


3 of Wands - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

Don’t worry Collective, I’ll help you out. I think what we need is to blast away some paradigms and cause a bit of ruckus. Dismantle things and reject banality and ignorance.

Hello dear Three of Wands [Dance Step: ‘The Electrified Egg’ ~ cosmic-inducing, fiery and spinny], thank you for joining us.

Always a pleasure. So I mentioned all that ruckus and paradigm blasting, but have you noticed how composed I look? This is not an act. I really am being calm as I successfully dismantle greed and philistinism.

How exactly will you help us Collective accomplish this, Three of Wands?

By reminding you to breathe and focus on what’s most important as you go about your days. This way you can avoid getting tangled in knots and distractions that are certainly NOT your best course of action. Taking time to self-connect will not only calm you down but allow you to break down negative forces with more aplomb.

That’s what we were saying! Self-connection! 

Yes, true, Two of Cups, I like what you offer. I just love to add a bit of fire to the mix. 


Page of Swords - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk


Are you ready for me yet?

Yes, Page of Swords [Dance Step: ‘The Dandy Wow’ ~ Graceful and gravity-defying], welcome.

Now although I am currently presented in a way that seems somewhat dangerous, considering the members of the Collective are made of meat and bones and have a very special relationship with gravity – it is important to consider what I can offer you all here.

Let the position in which I find myself serve you as a metaphor. First, balance yourself on the edges of your mind in that strange soupy place where conditionings and breakthroughs meet. Then, blast your way through to a more enlightened zone by abandoning your old prejudices.

Experience the delight of being able to connect with more people – and very interesting, fabulous people at that – and the lightness-of-the-heart and happiness comes when one is no longer harming others in order to express themselves in the world. Repeat.




King of Swords - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

Hear hear! Yes, Collective, keep on repeating those steps with the good ol’ Page of Swords this month, but do take some time to spend with me too. Hear ME now, the King of Swords [Dance Step: ‘The Ra-Ra Zing’ ~ Fast movements followed by stillness. Best done with flowing robes]!

Watch how I move with great speed yet only strike with my powerful words at the right moment, in the right company. I like my words to matter, and they matter more when I move myself in the best way. I will use seemingly superficial methods to get one’s attention at times, but that is only because you Collective can be so darn evasive and fidgety.

Once I have your attention though – wahoo!  Just try and cling to your precious egos and tomfoolery!

King of Swords! You may be frightening some of the Collective!

Bah, they can handle it, and if they can’t well, better invite someone else along next time. To be clear though, I am not harsh or nasty in what I reveal, and I certainly don’t disrespect anyone when I come in. I simply prefer to point out bullshit rather than politely ignore it.



Ace of Swords - Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

And now I suppose it is time for the Ace of Swords [Dance Step: ‘The Sword Breather’ ~ cautious yet strong, slow movements with a pole/wooden sword/hairbrush]. Hello Ace, would you be so kind as to take this reading out?

Of course, friends. Would you like to watch me perform an interpretive dance with this sword?

Please just stick to words for this reading, thanks Ace.

No worries. I like words. I like using them carefully and clearly. I like helping people sing their stories into existence, in a way that leaves them full of life and hand-in-hand with their integrity.

For the remainder of this month of April, I will help the Collective contain their wisdom, find the best places to share that wisdom in smaller groups before they band together with enough people to shine a light on this world that cannot be suppressed!

I will help you all weave ways in and out of your hearts, taking the best of expressions and breathing them into the Collective so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of personal expression within and in your fellow humans.

Have a beautiful month my friends. ‘Til soon.


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk.

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