Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March © 2014 Sarah Barry

Seven of Keys (Wands) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective


I’ve always thought of the Seven of Keys (Wands) as an archetype that keeps us in a slightly agitated state so that we can change ourselves and hence our surroundings. So I especially like this depiction from The Collective Tarot that gives us some folk who are agitating for change!

I would think that this archetype has turned up for us to make sure that we keep waking up out of apathy and challenge the status quo.

I thought I’d head down to the rally to meet with the Seven of Keys and see what wisdom they can impart with us. Hi Seven. What are you gathering for today?

We are gathering because we want to help The Collective notice situations that are creating harm.

We want to help you all feel brave enough to stand up and say or do something about issues that you care deeply about.

On a personal level, we can help you all face the ways in which you may harm yourselves and encourage you to seek support from others as well as from your own experiential wisdom.




Four of Bottles (Cups) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective



…And I will help you all cultivate that wisdom and bravery, and revel in it for a while, whilst you figure out what to do next.

Hello Four Bottles (4 of Cups), you are looking rather dandy today.

Yes my darlings, of course. I think sometimes it’s important to at least look the part you know, even when things aren’t quite happening the way in which you would like them to.

I suppose we could say I am here to help you all dream up the next big vision, the new possibility, the big wow, that can help you align your inner hopes with your external reality.




…And WE can help you think up some fabulously helpful and practical strategies to make all that happen.




Four of Keys (Wands) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective

Four of Keys (Four of Wands), greetings.

Greetings indeed. We’re having a jolly good yarn in the tub here, planning new ways to conquer the world, or at least our own doubts. Does The Collective need some help with conquering doubts?

I am sure that some help with that wouldn’t go astray.

Well, the Four of Keys help will inspire you to reach out for likeminded souls so that you can get a real and tangible sense of solidarity.

With that sense of community comes the feeling of stability. From there, you can recognise the doubts as just doubts and not these big, scary and impossible things.

Ah, lovely. Oh. But I see we have the Six of Feathers (Six of Swords) up ahead. Will that put a spanner in the works?

I guess it depends on how you look at change – is it hard or helpful? We think The Collective could learn some important lessons from the Six of Feathers. Go on. Don’t be shy.





Six of Feathers (Swords) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot CollectiveErm. Hi Six of Feathers.

Who are you and what do you want?

Well, er, we are The Collective, and we want to learn why you are on our path for this month of March. Perhaps you have something to teach us?

Perhaps. I was actually more focussed on doing my own thing. Do I really have to address all of you?

Well, for the sake of this reading, it would be nice.

Huh. Well, let it be known I am talking to you not because I am obliged to do so but because I now realise that maybe our journeys are interlinked, and that you’re not going to leave me alone until we have met properly.

So yes. Here I am, the Six of Feathers, trying to find a way to fly out of this miserable place to a somewhere more welcoming and suitable.

Do you really have to fly there in order to find that place? And is it really that bad here right now?

Hmm. Well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes I leap forward out of resentment for my current situation but sometimes I do it because I am excited and inspired. I really want to learn how to navigate this strange world.

Sometimes I think I haven’t been well equipped for this journey, but then I realise that my particular approach is helping people when they need it most. I am there when you are feeling low and I am there when you are getting stuck in the whole existential ‘What is this life anyway” kind of mind state.

I am also there when you are observing that life is leading you towards positive change, yet still leaves you with the feeling of uncertainty. I can help you fly on in all these situations. Now leave me alone so I can concentrate on this next stage.

Goodbye Six of Feathers. Well, it looks like it’s now time for a change of pace with The Conductor (The Chariot).

The Conductor (The Chariot) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective



Hello Conductor. Any news from the front?

Stormy seas ahead, but The Collective will be well equipped with my levelheadedness, capacity to balance all things and non-sentimental fierceness.


Well, fierceness in that I will get the job done without letting all those conditioned notions that I am supposed to be polite and discreet get in the way. Let that be my biggest gift to The Collective.

Now go on to the Ten of Bones (Ten of Pentacles) to take this reading out.







Ten of Bones (Pentacles) - The Collective Tarot by The Tarot Collective


It’s not easy to catch falling pentacles with skeleton hands.

I suppose not. Do you need to catch them though?

Not really, though it would be symbolic if I did. This way I can reach out for the abundance that is on offer, and understand that I can bask in its presence without having to hold onto it.

And I suppose, the abundance must already be within me if I can see it and feel good about basking within it. Perhaps my appearance can help The Collective be happy for others when they reach new heights upon their journey.

Perhaps The Collective can learn how to celebrate the apparent successes along with the seeming failures, recognising that the outcomes never seem to matter as much as the experience of being alive.

And as one who is now just bones and nothing else, let me tell you there is a lot of important work to be done whilst flesh and blood and sinews wrap themselves around your bones.

This important work will be for each of you to discover, by the way. Don’t let anyone try and tell you who you are supposed to be or what you are supposed to accomplish in order to be ‘successful’. The Collective’s imagination is far too wild to have limitations like that.

Enjoy basking in the abundance, however you find it my friends!


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Collective Tarot, by the Tarot Collective (!) © 2012, Printed at Brown Printing, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A) Click here for more information about this wonderful, inclusive tarot deck.

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