Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November © 2013 Sarah Barry

Ace of Vessels (Cups) - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place


Ah, dear Ace of Vessels (Cups). I think of all the Ace of Cups I have ever seen, you are the most fabulous.

I do appreciate that I may look interesting and colourful to the Collective, but it actually takes a lot of effort to swim around whilst carrying a large vessel containing a heart with a grape vine pouring out of it.

Technicalities aside, is there anything you think we Collective should learn from you this month?

Well, I think I have already done my work with you for the month, I just came up for a breather before I head back under the water again. To recap what I have gifted you, just recall all those times when it felt like you were about to cave in or give up or fall apart and somehow, just somehow, you managed to keep on existing and connecting and being.

That’s my influence. The capacity to keep on trucking and loving, even when life is throwing some curve balls, or spitfires or just plain old monotony.

Perhaps if the Collective now takes a turn with Temperance, they can expand upon what I have gifted and learn how to absorb these teachings more thoroughly.




Temperance - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place

Temperance? Will you help us integrate what the Ace of Cups has taught us?

Yes, as long as you walk along quietly with me and don’t try to distract me. I want to make best use of my short time with you and get everything as balanced as it can be, before I let the Collective out into the looseness of the fray again.

But can you see what I am growing here? A way for you all to know how to make the best decisions that will aid you in your lives rather than leaving you feeling regret and uncertainty.

Is there a magic word we can say to help us know this?

Of course not, don’t be silly. It will always be your own hard work and your own willingness to really sit with your own heart and not allow yourself to get distracted by other people’s yearnings.

People have their agendas, but you have your own mind and heart. You will always know what is best for your individual way forward as long as you are willing to trust that knowingness.


And perhaps Justice can help us trust that knowledge along with dealing with the practicalities of life?



Justice - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place


Well yes I can do that, but believe me, it’s no walk in the park hanging out with me!

Do you realise that holding up a sword and scales for eternity whilst one’s head is on fire is actually pretty challenging and somewhat overwhelming?

You have to have courage to sit with me!

Courage to take responsibility for your choices, to listen to your intuition whilst also being practical, knowing what to say and when to say it, knowing what to receive and from whom, and how to recognise extraordinary opportunities when they arrive.




…And I am here to encourage you all to doubt those opportunities and to distract you from your life purpose!


The Devil!


The Devil - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place


Yes. Ha! I bet there’s at least a few amongst the Collective who are shaking in their boots at my appearance. Don’t know why really, part of the fear of me comes in my reputation. And reputation can often be sprinkled with fantasies and gossip.

Well, you don’t exactly LOOK welcoming.

True that. But I’ve got your attention now, haven’t I? You simply MUST talk about me. And look, all that stuff I just said about doubt and distraction is just one of my many aspects. Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret, and I am only going to say it the once, so pay attention.

If I have appeared, it is very likely that you are on the right path, and are about to figure out the best way forward, and are just a few moments away from making a choice that will change your life for the better. For instance, in standard tarot books, I am often associated with addiction.

If we take that approach, I would never turn up for someone partaking in some kind of drug or alcohol addiction, but I WOULD turn up if they were about to book themselves in for rehab, in order to try and distract them from their courageous decision.

Part of my task is to keep people feeling small and worthless. But my mere presence can alert you to the fact that you are about to get to the next stage of your development, and just need to hang in there a little while longer.

8 of Swords - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place


…And I can help you be still enough within yourself so that you can notice certain nuances and make a break for the best path when the way is clear.

Ah, Eight of Swords, welcome. Thank you for that introduction, and the reminder of how we can make a dash for the best way ahead. I can’t help but notice though, aren’t you tied up in a chain?

Oh this? I can break out of this whenever I like.


Wellllll to be honest I haven’t actually tried. But anyway, I’m not really concerned about the chain, for there are important things to be done, and those things don’t require me to have much freedom of movement in order to come to pass.

I’m talking about listening to life in a way that is invigorating and defining. Taking the time to notice what is unspoken and feeling for a reality beyond that which the Collective is fed by mainstream society.

Just because the Collective has been led to believe in certain ways of doing things, certain belief systems and certain traditions, does not mean that these things are to be followed blindly.

As the Eight of Swords, I encourage people to really question why they are doing things or reacting to things and recognise that perhaps part of their outrage is because they have been led to believe that it is other people who are causing them harm.

Me? I know that it is me that is harming myself. Of course, others will behave in ways that can injure you, but I will help you remember that there is always a choice in how you react. You can choose to roll around in misery or you can address reality with strength and clarity, deeply questioning unspoken beliefs so that we all have more room to really see each other and ignite an authentic desire for recognition and connection.

2 of Staffs (Wands) - Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place


…I guess I’ll take us to the end of the reading yes?

If you wouldn’t mind, Two of Staffs (Wands).

Thank you. Well, as you can see, I am lighting the way. Generating the energy needed for the long path ahead. Bringing more fuel to the table, more ideas, fresher ideas, inspiration. What else do you want, Collective?

Movement, purpose and understanding?

Yes, I can help with that too. Not so much with the understanding-intellectually part, but certainly the more heartfelt understandings. I want you all to be visionaries! And I don’t want you to be afraid of standing out and doing in life what you know will not only benefit yourself but ultimately your capacity to give service to your communities.

Carry on with wisdom and community-sustaining power!






The deck used for this Tarot Reading for the Collective: The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed by Robert M. Place.

Images of The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed are used with permission of R M Place, Hermes Publications © 1994-2007 R M Place. More info about this deck can be found at http://www.alchemicaltarot.com

To find out more about how I work go to  https://sarahthepsychic.com/about/ and https://sarahthepsychic.com/faq/

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