Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October © 2013 Sarah Barry

Knight of Swords - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Greetings Fine Collective! Knight of Swords here, ready to start off the month with you. I know Psychic Sarah usually starts off the proceedings but it is not really my style to wait around, waiting to be introduced, so here I am! 

May I address the Collective now, dear Knight?

No! I’d rather carry on, for there is so much to be done! Many years ago I was given this sword, and I have been searching for ways to use it ever since.

Have you discovered anything useful?

Yes. I have found that by rushing into situations I am more likely to be noticed and to get some kind of a reaction.

Whilst it may not be smooth and graceful, that doesn’t seem to matter, for at least it helps us all get certain issues on the table that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. People may say I should just shut up and sit down, but really, I have a message that needs to be spoken!

…And I am here to help smooth over the gashes left by the Knight of Swords, so that we can start talking about issues that can heal rather than divide.


But I don’t want to divide the Collective, Empress!


3 The Empress - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

I know you don’t dear Sir Swordie, you are actually very adept at helping people kick-start campaigns that can ultimately result in more peace and understanding. It’s just that sometimes you forget how to leave the room and let the next archetype carry on with the reading.

Point taken. Goodbye.

Are we alone now Empress?

Yes, my dears. What shall we talk about today? Insight and wisdom? Ease and grace? Intuition and rolling in the mud?

Rolling in the mud?

Not in this outfit of course. I’m thinking more about when I’m down by the river and wanting to reconnect with the earth. I like rolling in the mud, it’s good for my skin and leaves me feeling so much more comfortable in my body.

But perhaps that’s just an Empress thing. For this Collective reading, maybe I should focus more on… insight and wisdom?

If you would be so kind, Empress.

Well, my particular brand of wisdom comes from personal experience. My counterpart The Emperor certainly does a lot of reading, and good on him, but I do think he would benefit more from jumping in the water and swimming, you know? Instead of just reading about the water and the swimming.

So sitting with me reminds you to actually DO things rather than just talk about them. And as for insight, well this is where it lives – in the wisdom that arises naturally from personal experience. Particularly if you hold curiosity in your heart about what is in front of you, so that you are more likely to engage rather than judge.

Ace of Cups - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


I think that’s a nice lead in to me, don’t you think Empress?

I believe you are right, Ace of Cups, do continue.

Well, I’m so engaged with loving vibrations, that this cat at my feet has started to levitate in complete rapture. I would love for the Collective to focus this month on connecting with each other from a loving place.

Loving with everyone though? Even when people are crossing our boundaries and behaving like asses?

Hmmm, well, I did say connecting FROM a loving place, and I do think that setting boundaries, even when done strongly and somewhat sharply, if done from a place of self-respect and self-love, can be very effective.

So it IS loving to stand up to boundary crossers. Loving to yourself at least, and ultimately to the boundary crosser. Coz they ain’t happy if they are grabbing at everything as if it is theirs!

Curbing this behaviour is a beautiful and powerful gift to give someone. Just check your intention first though.

Don’t want to be getting all nasty: that’s not the Ace of Cup’s style.

Thank you for the clarification Ace. Now, onto the Knight of Wands. Do you mind me introducing you Knight? Or did you want to just jump on in?

Knight of Wands - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Ah, no, I am somewhat more patient than my brother the Knight of Swords. I will come forward in my own time, and when the time is mutually suitable with the entire universe.

That’s quite a lot to be mutual with!

Well, of course I don’t mean I have to be on the same page as everyone in the universe, but I do like to appreciate the hidden messages, the ripening of things, the birthing of ideas and the hours, days, weeks and years they can sometimes take to unfold.

I’m not in a rush, but I’m not waiting passively either. I just like to respect that sometimes people need to just take their time and wait until they feel it intuitively right to leap on into the excitement of the world and how their particular brand of ideas can fly in the communities.

Sometimes you just need to take a few more breaths before you leap on in. I can help you all discern that.

I like you Knight of Wands.

I like you too Collective. Now move along to the Nine of Wands, I believe she has more to share about patience.



9 of Wands - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

 Oh, hello Collective, yes. Patient, that’s what I am! I believe I was given quite the write up by Psychic Sarah in her Tarot Newsletter for the month of September. I was most popular last month, it seems.

So, more about me then. Gosh, what more can be said?

Well, what are you waiting for at the moment dear Nine?

What am I waiting for? The key of course.

The key?

Yes, the key that the cats I’m currently hanging out with seem to be waiting for.

The key for the food cupboard?

No! The metaphorical key that allows us to finely balance our desire for what is coming up ahead, with the reality of what we are currently experiencing in this moment.

Sometimes it is SO challenging to just sit. To be still. To know that the waiting process need not be an obstacle but a gateway into understanding more about the complexities of life and about change and mystery, and…



8 of Swords - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Hello Eight of Swords. I thought that we were starting to head into your domain…



Shhhh. Can you feel that?


Something. Something is coming.

What’s coming?

Am I supposed to know? I don’t think I’m supposed to know, not intellectually anyway. I am here to FEEL what things are approaching and whether they are things that could help us or trouble us. Exactly what those things are I cannot certainly say.

How can we, the Collective, utilise your skills this month oh Eight?

Well, I would suggest you don’t try and force your opinions on others. The more we lock heads the more of reality we miss. What wonderful and marvellous things walk under our noses while we noisily throw opinions around?!

I would love for the Collective to be more willing to listen to the hush between the breaths, to the silence of their quieter companions and to the beating of their own hearts. I will help you take your intuition to the edge, and hold you there relentlessly until you realise that only choice you have if you want clarity, peace and happiness is to pay attention to what your own wisdom is trying so hard to tell you.


The deck used for this Tarot Reading for the Collective: Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Images of Tarot of the Cat People used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT.  © 1984, 2004 by U.S. Games Systems.

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  1. Minnah says:

    Wow, I really love to read all this about tarot.

    Greetings from Sweden.


  2. Stella says:

    Beautiful deck and lovely reading thank you

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