Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ August © 2013 Sarah Barry

5 of Bones (Pentacles) - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective


As we begin this month with the 5 of Bones (Pentacles), we start to let go of things we no longer need, and indeed, things that weren’t really offering us that much in the first place. When did our worries or anxieties actually help us?

So this process of letting go is very much about recognising that there is no point in freaking out, as by and large we don’t know exactly what will happen anyway.

Sure, our intuition can give us a good heads up as to what kind of energy to expect, but certainly there is no word-by-word-this-will-happen-exactly-as-I-say-it-rhetoric.

So let’s just let go of the things that get in the way of us feeling comfortable and clear. We’re much better off trusting what feels right, so that we can better utilise our time with The Magician.


You said my name? Is that my cue?

Yes it is Magician, welcome to The Collective.



The Magician - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective

Whoweee thank you for the welcome and whaaaa wow how great to be here! I can’t recall the last time a tarot artist depicted me as a wooooo a flying head, so woooow I’m feeling a bit disembodied (so to speak).

But I am certainly confident in my ability to make you all feel tops about what-ya-got, and yeahhh to help you transcend all that silliness that greedy people try and chuck at you all.

You Collective lot know what you’re doing – don’t let the naysayers get you down. If I can float around as just a head, then my goodness, wheeee, you all can walk your paths without the naughty people raining on your parade. Well, they might rain on your parade but they certainly can’t make you feel bad. You are so much stronger than they are (and deep down they know it).

Go well Collective (wheeeee)!



Thank you Magician. Now, is that the 4 of Keys (Wands) up there?



4 of Keys - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective

Yes, it’s us, in the hot tub.

 Wow, a hot tub! Can we join you?

 No, there’s not enough room for all of The Collective. However, you can gather around in the vicinity for a while whilst we share some tales of how we can assist The Collective’s growth this month.

 We are here, 4 of Keys, and we are listening.

Well, way back when the tarot archetypes were first forming, we got into some trouble because we were supposed to fit into a particular structure, so that everything could be perfect.

We were told that as the 4 of Keys, we were meant to be stable and a force of strength to inspire The Collective to choose stability over unpredictability, always.

So, we tried to conform to the expectations of a group of people (can’t remember their names) who said they had the answers and knew what stability was.

Well, not only did they have no clue, they were really boring as well. They wanted us to fit into a structure that was only good for a few rather than for everyone.

 We 4 of Keys consulted with each other, and via group consensus decided that we would take matters into our own hands. We still symbolise stability, we just prefer now that stability to be individually defined by one’s own heart, according to one’s own needs.

A mass structure will not serve The Collective when we are being called upon. We much prefer people to have their own relationship with what they think would leave them feeling more grounded and certain and clear about their individual choices.

Now run along Collective. We have other things to discuss that are not yet ready for your ears.

9 of Bottles (Cups) - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective


I’m ready to talk with you all, my darling Collective.

Hi 9 of Bottles (Cups). Oh, you’re being showered in hearts!

Yes, I know, isn’t it divine? I do love being a part of this tarot deck. Often I am depicted sitting alone on a stool, surrounded by cups, looking somewhat grumpy. I much prefer this incarnation; it is a superior experience from the usual.

And how do you think this current portrayal of your attributes is likely to assist The Collective?

Well, I’m finding it easier to feel hope, that’s for sure. I am remembering that I still have a lot to organise, and people to see and hurdles to cross, but somehow I am feeling sure that everything will turn out okay.

And this optimism doesn’t feel whimsical either, I am aware of what I have created, what I am creating and what I am likely to create. My presence in The Collective’s path right now will surely help you all keep the pace you need to keep in order to get things done.

You may be overwhelmed at times when you see how far you still have to go, but I will help remind you that if you keep up your current pace, and allow for the element of mystery that life will bring – throwing you all opportunities from leftfield as it can and does – you will no doubt get to your next destination before you know it. And you might feel a bit more joyful on the approach.

 4 of Bones - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective

It’s time for my turn now, don’t you think Collective?

 Yes, 4 of Bones (Pentacles), you are right. Welcome. Please let us know what wisdom you are bringing with you.

Hmmmm, well. I am feeling more serious than usual. I am remembering the changing of the cycles and how all is impermanent and how confronting it is to face that impermanence.

And I look around and notice that we are often taught to ignore that impermanence and just pretend that these rules and regulations that have been put in place by faceless others are somehow truth. And that we are to follow without questioning.

And I remember a time, when as a young tarot archetype I was asked to hold onto my assets and guard them carefully and be reluctant to share.

What I want to offer The Collective is this: guard your sanity from those who think they know best, and never forget how far you have come.

Be aware of those around you who have supported you, but accept that they will not always be there. Move towards your dreams with integrity but don’t think those dreams rule you, because they may in fact be keeping you from your most authentic self. Make sure you remember me sometimes, and talk to me, so that we don’t all collapse into an existential nightmare.

 Whoa, 4 of Bones. You are more serious than usual. Thank you for taking us there though.

Thank you for being willing to go there with me. It felt good to have company for that.

5 of Bottles - The Collective Tarot, by The Tarot Collective

Shall I come in now Collective? One last archetype before the end?

Hello, 5 of Bottles (Cups), of course, please join us.

Well, I might appear as a bit of a mixed bag, with all the bottles falling on me, having an umbrella to protect myself, but still… the falling bottles…

Yes, 5 of Bottles. What are you hoping to share with us this month?

Just keep on carrying on, really! I mean, Life will continue to hurl problematic instances at us, what else can life do? But what we can change is how we react to those situations. I like to think that although I might sometimes want to chuck the umbrella and rant and rage at all the injustices, I always have the choice to you know, breathe, or have a cuppa, or roll around in the grass (allergies permitting)…

 I think this month, members of The Collective would do well to remember their own ways of dealing with trouble spots, and maybe get to the point where those trouble spots aren’t actually referred to as trouble but interesting and exciting curiosity-inspiring events of accelerated growth.

 Although of course, sometimes trouble is trouble and the umbrella may need to be thrown at said trouble. Or, we can all just dash off to keep company with the wise ones. They’re always around, but sometimes they are harder to find when we are in a mood. But for now, dear Collective, just keep breathing and don’t forget to avoid the crap every now and then. Be well! 🙂


This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Collective Tarot, by the Tarot Collective © 2012, Printed at Brown Printing, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Images are used here with their permission.

This deck is a treasured favourite of mine for many reasons, the main one being the all-inclusiveness of the imagery. Often the human archetypes of tarot cards are presented in an exclusively white, gender binary and heteronormative way. This deck represents multiple races, genders, body types, orientations, cultures and identities so that more people can see a peek of themselves within the imagery. Click here for more information about this beautiful and unique tarot deck.

I do tarot readings via Skype and email, as well as face-to-face. For more information go to: sarahthepsychic.com/booktarotreading/

To find out more about my particular style of tarot reading, go to: sarahthepsychic.com/about/

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