Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April © 2013 Sarah Barry

7 of Bones - Collective Tarot

So the month of April began with some falling teeth. Not literally of course (although, no doubt, somewhere on the planet right now, someone’s teeth are falling out. Hopefully not yours), the 7 of Bones kind of teeth, more commonly known as the 7 of Pentacles.

The 7 of Bones calls on us to remember where we are at and to do the important practical things that we might think we have no time for but really we should be making time for (just floss, ok?). We could utilise this card as a reminder to look at matters that seem a bit boring or not that important but are in fact way more necessary than we previously imagined. So let’s get on with it!

Ready for usssss yet Collective ones?




2 of Bones - Collective Tarot

2 of Bones (2 of Pentacles)?

Indeed. Or 2 Snakessss with a flying wishing bone if you want to get all literal.

How do you think your way of looking at the world can help The Collective this month?

We thinkssss that our winding around of each other and our gazing at a flying wishing bone might be sssssymbolic ssssomehow or ssssomeway. We thinkssss that we remind people to take refuge in the wissssdom of likeminded onesss to help ssstay balanced.

Then, from thisssss grounded (and ssssuitably ssssatisssfying) posssition make choices to navigate the path to your dreamssssss with more ssssupport and flexibility than if you were all alone.

So it’s better we are not alone this month?

Be ssssolitary if you want to be but really it’s not necesssssary to be alone to get the insssspirationsss you need.

6 of Bottles - Collective Tarot

…And then come find me for a cuppa and a we’ll have a good ol’ brainstorm about how you can all balance big important dreams with much needed play this month.

6 of Bottles?

The one and only. Some folk refer to me as the 6 of Cups, but Bottles are my name in this deck and I like it.

When should we come to you this month, 6 of Bottles?

When you are wanting connection, of course. The kettle will be boiling at all hours of the night so if you need a chat or need to be talked down from a spot of self-loathing or paranoia then I’m here to steer you through the crap. If you can’t find me in the form of a friend or saintly stranger, then you might find me in a book or in a song, in a cat’s meow, the evening’s soup or under the couch.

Under the couch?

I once found a forgotten Hafiz poem under the couch. Far be it for me to deny someone else’s couch the opportunity to be a possible portal to profundity.

Seeker of Bottles - Collective Tarot

…Do you think I should say something yet?

Seeker of Bottles (Page of Cups)? We’re ready if you are.

Oh goodness. Ok, but I’m not sure what to say. I’ve been enjoying lying back and dreaming about love and how best to dream more love into the world, and well, do I really have to say something? Can’t I just… vibe with you all?

Seeker… enough with the vibe-ing! We’re here for words. I appreciate your sentiment but we’d like some clear and straight-forward suggestions right now. I know you have wonderful insights – would it help if you just gave us a few words to play with, inspired by your dreamy meanderings?

Hmmm. Peace of mind, appreciation, celebration and acceptance.



Ah, thank you Seeker of Bottles. Now, I think that’s the Ace of Keys (Ace of Wands) over there. What is in that box you are unlocking Ace?

Ace of Keys - Collective Tarot

Everything that inspires me. I think it’s time to let all of it out of the box, all at once, woop woop!

Do you think The Collective would do well to let all our inspirations out of the box too?

Yes yes, why not? Why not frantically cram, brainstorm, stew, spew, spin and upcycle as many ideas as possible for the rest of the month and see what happens? At least notice how you feel as a result.

You might not have a definite plan but at least there will be more plans for fun and play and keeping on going – don’t stop now – now take cover– watch you don’t get blasted by the awesome explosive power of all my inspirations bursting out into the world!

Woah! Thanks Ace of Keys for the excitement! Now I’m not sure what to do next.


Seeker of Keys - Collective Tarot

You can speak with me if you like Collective. I have some big decisions to make, and I’d appreciate the company as I step forth.

Seeker of Keys (Page of Wands),  a pleasure to see you.

Always a pleasure to speak with The Collective. Sometimes I wish I could know what it feels like to speak to you when I’m beyond the impulse, beyond the dream, the idea, the inspired step forward, yet as I’m the Seeker, ‘tis my duty to turn up when things are beginning.

So I guess I’ve turned up to The Collective because now we have the opportunity to make decisions that can help not only ourselves but those around us. And because we have been brought up, largely, to be suspicious of each other, we might find it hard to be happy for each other as we see others soar into visibility and recognition and love.

We might not know how to accept help without querying why someone would want to help us, or offer help without motivation tainted by greed.

So how can we utilise the skills that you teach us, Seeker of Keys?

Really, I think just take a deep breath and keep on trying. There will always be opportunities to make choices that can impact positively on the lives of others. Even if those acts seem small, the more awareness we have in those moments will surely lead to more hearts opening, and less pain arising when others find themselves on a path that supports them enormously.

Is there anything else The Collective needs to know before we sign out?

Apprentice of Bottles - Collective Tarot

I’ll take over from here Collective, yes! Here I am, the Apprentice of Bottles, otherwise known as the Knight of Cups if you are familiar with those more hierarchical tarot decks!

I’m here to make sure you leap with confidence, from the heart, even if you have no idea what you are doing! I think it might be time for The Collective to stop harping on about change and just do something, anything! Just so long as it is fun and inspires others to break out of their shells.






This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Collective Tarot, by the Tarot Collective! Click here for more information about this beautiful tarot deck.

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