Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March © 2013 Sarah Barry

Dear Collective,

This month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective is brought to you by The Tarot of the Cat People (by Karen Kuykendall) – a deck of cards with a high visual content of cats. If cats do not inspire warmth within you, then perhaps just focus on the resplendent clothing of the humans in the pictures. And with that pre-warning, let us begin, with The Chariot, here to tell us why his time with us will be short-lived this month. In fact, seeing it is the 5th of March and he only turned up for the first few days, he is gone already. So here is the note he left us before he took off:

Must dash,
~The Chariot.

The Chariot - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Hmmm, well, good thing I had a brief conversation with The Chariot before he dashed off, which I recorded on my mp3 recorder, transcribed here for you all:

Hi Chariot, any news about what this month could bring for The Collective?

Look, I really don’t have time for people who need to have things explained to them. You’re either on The Chariot with me, or you’re not. If you need more information then Google it, but I certainly am not going to wait around while you do that research. I am for action, actually DOING things rather than just talking about it. I’ve talked too much already, I must go. Goodbye!





…Did he answer your question, Oh Collective?

I THINK so. I mean he didn’t seem to say what could unfold for us this month, Star, but there was a message in there I believe. More of that I-didn’t-get what-I-asked-for-but-what-I-got-was-probably-better-for-me-anyway.

The Star - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Perhaps, perhaps. Now he has gone however, so I suppose I shall continue where The Chariot left off. Forgive me Collective if I seem a little overly absorbed in making this cat levitate and sparkle, this is a new experience for me. I’m usually depicted mostly naked, holding two cups whilst standing in a river. I am enjoying this fabulous gown, having dry feet and THIS LEVITATING CAT!

So, Star, was there something in particular you wanted to share?

 Ah yes, let me collect myself. Apologies, I’m feeling a bit more stimulated than usual. So yes, how can I help you all this month dear Collective? First I will recommend you DON’T try to levitate any cats. Not necessary, and really it’s only happening here because I am a painting.

As an archetype that dwells within you all however, I can offer relief at a job well done or at least completed with minimum destruction. Chronologically in the tarot deck I come just after The Tower (in all its fiery, explosive glory), so I like to think that I offer a bit of respite, and the capacity to once more see beauty in the world, to find joy and how to share it with others. New lenses for the eyes so to speak. Less doom and gloom with me, that’s for sure my darlings. You should want very much to dwell in my presence I would think.

3 of Pentacles - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall 

Are you done yet Star? I don’t think the cat can keep up this act for much longer.

Hello? 3 of Pentacles?

Hello indeed, Collective. I want to get straight to the point and remind you all of the importance of staying balanced when situations appear a bit tenuous. I would like to think that this month of March, Collective, you can find yourselves persevering with ideas that have just been floundering around on the ground because it was all a bit too difficult.

Now that you have the 3 of Pentacles with you, try resuscitating some of the bleh that crept into your consciousness, dust off the cobwebs and start again. We can do this!


Thanks for the pep talk 3 of Pentacles. Now we’re onto…oh! The 4 of Pentacles!

 4 of Pentacles - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Yes, I felt like being chronological today. And I was getting so excited by the potential of the 3 of Pentacles cooking up a storm, that I ran ahead into the month and found the goodies and decided to keep them for myself.

I really want to feel stable and share my wealth with everyone, but sometimes I struggle a bit with the sharing because oh my goodness it took me so long to get here in the first place. And I worked so hard!

Perhaps watch out for me around the third week of March to make sure I don’t keep all the goodies for myself. I don’t want to be like that, just old habits you know… they’re hard to break. I would love to be able to be successful and help and encourage others to be successful too.

Thank you for your honesty 4 of Pentacles. Now, I believe Strength is up next. Wow, Strength. You are looking so powerful and regal.


Strength - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Yes, nice artist this Karen Kuykendall person, don’t you think?

 Yes. In fact, Psychic Sarah enjoyed her tarot cards so much when she first discovered Tarot for The Cat People that she decided she MUST go to Arizona to hang out with Karen Kuykendall and all her cats. She went on a total fantasy trip in her head! But 5 minutes later she Googled her and found out that she was getting excited too late, as sadly, Karen Kuykendall had died some years earlier.

 Fantasies rarely end well, there’s not much room for reality to seep in. Now I am guessing you want me to talk to The Collective about my role in all of our lives this month?

 If you would be so kind Strength.


So, I move slowly yet groundedly. I like to know where I am at all times and I don’t like anyone telling me what to do. I am my own person and no one speaks for me. I move through life with the understanding that I have something important to share. If I ever lose track of what I am meant to be doing I start to feel weak, so I know I need to stop, rest and remember who I am.

I might decide to move away from certain people and/or situations until I am feeling strong enough to face them without losing myself.

Ultimately, I have the stamina to deal with anything, but I really do need to take rest sometimes. I am like a superhero in many ways, but a superhero I am not. Give me space when I ask for it – we will all be happier that way.

The Moon - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

I like your self-confidence Strength, I wish that was one of my qualities…

I’d hardly describe you as having low self-esteem oh Moon.

 True, but sometimes I wish the way ahead was clearer.

I think the particular way you see things could be useful to us dear Moon, if you would be willing to share with us your insights.

Ah, thank you dear Collective. Everything gets so mysterious out here that I sometimes need others to talk me back into the world. Sometimes it is as if I am the only thing that is real, and then, I’m not even sure what real is.

We’re here with you dear Moon. How would you like to guide us this month?

Really my Collective, just make sure you are looking beneath the surface. Make sure you are not just accepting what others tell you to accept without checking it out for yourself first. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your emotional state and learn new ways of unfolding and dismantling and putting yourself back together again.

Learn to trust your intuition a lot more, go slowly with it – there is nothing showy about intuition… it is quiet and deep and sacred. Use it wisely and trust that you can find your own way out of a pickle. Ultimately, remember that all this will disappear one day, and even though I don’t really understand it, there is something so reverent about that, to the point that I think I might cry.

 Is there anything you would like us to do for you, our Moon?

No. Just let me cry. And let your own tears wash away that unspoken confusion that comes with being a human. And on a practical note to finish on Collective, if you find the Moon vortex is getting a bit much, please go ride along with Strength once more. She’ll take care of you and will help you find the support and love you need.

The deck used for this Tarot Reading for the Collective: Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Images of Tarot of the Cat People used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT.  © 1984, 2004 by U.S. Games Systems.

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  1. Dan CakeBoy says:

    I always jump on and read these just when I need them.. Thanks Sarah and the cats of march! Xx

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