Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ July © 2012 Sarah Barry

The month of July starts with a kick from the Queen of Wands (Staffs in this tarot deck – The Alchemical Tarot) as she urges us to keep growing despite our cries of “are we there yet”?

Keep taking your medicine oh Collective! And don’t come see me again until your second wind has arrived. I am not one to work with when you want to sit down and rest.

Very well oh Queen. On we trot to grow some more with the 10 of Cups. Hmmm, the 10 of Cups? Isn’t that usually a card for stepping back and admiring our accomplishments?

Look at me more carefully dear Collective ones. I know I am usually presented as a happy-go-lucky-look-what’s-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow type, but people forget that I can sometimes harbor delusion. The delusion of thinking we have achieved what we set out for in life and that now it is time to relax. By all means be grateful for the steps you have taken, yet never think that you have achieved all that you were meant to. Life’s too mysterious for such assumptions.

Besides, have you noticed that the artist of this deck (Robert M. Place) has painted me somewhat differently? I am rather alchemical am I not? If one looked at me for the first time one might think there would be some tinkering in order, some fires to burn and some lessons to learn.

Sigh. All right 10 of Cups. Then what will we do once we have sat with you?

Strength is up ahead. I think she will be pleased to see you again.

As we are pleased to see her! Hello Strength! What do you have to share with us?

Oh you know me, just a woman with a lion, cruising along. I’m sure I could help you all soften any shame spirals or not-feeling-good-enough epidemics that may have broken out as a result of being so swiftly kicked from the Queen of Wands to the 10 of Cups. And I must say the 10 of Cups were in a rather serious mood today weren’t they?

I guess so. Maybe we needed a boot up the bum though…

Enough of that talk! By all means be self-reflective but you are doing no one any good by beating yourselves up just because you have more work to do than you first realised. Please be kind to yourself and remember the importance of embracing and loving all aspects of yourself – especially the crunchy, seemingly unlovable bits.

Ah, thank you Strength. It’s always inspiring to have a turn with you.

Run along now Collective. The Lady of Swords is expecting you.

Lady? Not the Page?

Lady, Page – it’s all the same to me. I don’t know the inner workings of whoever creates my archetypical imagery. I just appear however it seems fit.

Okay. So what will we be doing with the Lady of Swords this month?

Well, I know the artist has painted me strumming a lute of some sort, but really, only take this literally if you have the ability and the inclination. I would hope that I would be better known for my capacity to spur people into action. To take hold of one’s dreams and hopes and leap into the world with them instead of waiting for someone to give one permission. Or for the world to be ready.

Wouldn’t that make us vulnerable to attack though?

We are always vulnerable to attacks, no matter what we do. I bring an air of self-assuredness though. So, if you walk with my particular brand of wisdom you will no doubt know how to counter any negativity, due to your increased capacity to think on your feet, with awareness and understanding.

Yay! Anything else?

No.  The Knight of Wands (Staffs) will continue.

Hi everybody!

Hi Knight of Wands! Would you like to share some of your insights with the Collective?

Oh really? Me? Okay! Well, I like just, you know, hangin’ out with my Wand, getting a feel for what’s happening in the ether, and just kind of grooving along based upon what feels right, you know?

We think so. Care to share more?

Just follow your instincts people! And get a feel for the right timing of things. It’s all very well to make an intuitive decision to do something, but everything can go so much more smoothly when you are in the groove with the present moment, so you can get better results from your actions, words and thoughts.

Cool. Anything else?

No, I’d better shut up. I see The Lovers up ahead and I’d hate them to think I’m trying to steal their thunder.

Hi Lovers. Are we interrupting anything?

Oh look, just because we are called ‘The Lovers’ and sometimes appear in rather compromising positions doesn’t mean we are all about intimate relations. 

So how would you prefer us to know you?

As a symbol of how aligned life can be when we listen to all aspects of ourselves. To take care of our bodies, minds and spiritual health means that we are better able to serve the commuity at large.

By coming together with The Lovers, you can all have a better chance of feeling better within yourselves, and more capable of trusting that your particular brand of wisdom is not only unique, but necessary for the continued upward trajectory of the human race.

When we notice the human race doing less-than-helpful things, there is an imbalance somewhere. By everyone making the effort to have more alignment within, the sooner we can have more peace in this world.

Thank you archetypes for your continual inspiration. Any other thoughts for July?

No. Just look after yourselves and trust your own intuition. You’ll be fine.


No problem.



Yeah okay, great, we’re going now.

Oh for crying out loud! If you’re looking for a conclusion Psychic Sarah I’ll give it to you!

And you are?

The Ace of Swords of course! Just keep speaking from your heart, follow the impulse to take action and always remember that even if you stumble, there are gateways within that you are opening. Trusting your heart allows you to come into deeper contact with who you are, and how you can best express your truth in this world. Now just get out there and keep working!


Tarot deck used for this reading: The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed by Robert M. Place











Images of The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed are used with permission of R M Place, Hermes Publications © 1994-2007 R M Place. More info about this deck can be found at http://www.alchemicaltarot.com

To find out more about how I work go to  https://sarahthepsychic.com/about/

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