Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May © 2012 Sarah Barry

The High Priestess seems almost too keen to get away from us at the moment. As this reading begins we watch her from the shore as she departs on her one-person boat. She addresses us all:

Look, you guys are wonderful to support and inspire, and I am also needing some quiet time to rejuvenate. All this Collective contact can get a bit noisy and I’m suffering from over–exposure. I am, after all, a woman of the mists. Solitude is where I gain my wisdom.

Please move on to The Magician with the understanding that there are many ways in which we can grow, and while you can come and meditate with me whenever you like, I think The Collective could benefit from the vigour of The Magician right now. We can talk at the end of the month if you like.

So I guess it’s onto The Magician hey peoples? Less space it seems for quiet introspection and more time for flamboyant leaps into life, learning more about self-confidence and power. Power with The Magician can sometimes be a dicey affair – what if people mistake our zestful assertions for arrogance? The Magician can certainly come across that way at times, yet I think as a Collective we can start to support and nurture each others’ vibrant qualities. And if we can do that for one another then we can worry less about how we ourselves will appear, and can get on with our good work.

So with the spark and ‘look-at-me’ qualities of The Magician firing us along we can step into the realm of Strength. And what a realm she occupies! So all-empowering, all-accepting and vivid. And the Strength archetype in this deck I am using (The Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place – what a fabulously flamboyant deck it is!) is a Strength extraordinaire indeed!

See below for the splendid visual, and keep reading for the reasons we as The Collective would do well to stride along with Strength as she goes about her rounds of the land.

So what are you doing at the moment Strength?

Checking out my domain with my friend Lion. Lion reminds me to always embrace my wildest aspect and share all of myself rather than just the parts that seem most socially acceptable (when in polite and/or nervous company).

Together we are travelling the land to make sure that as many people as possible get our message of self-love and self-respect. And the reminder that we are not here to tame ourselves but to live more vividly and fully. We are Whole.

Can we walk with you all month?

Walk with us whenever you like, we are always here. And I can see there are other archetypes up ahead. Don’t you want to meet with all the friends on the path?

We were hoping to get to ride on Lion with you.

You all have your own Lions. Just keep being mindful of your head and heart space, make sure you are not harming or diminishing yourself in any way in order to please someone else, and Lion will appear as your friend, rather than your foe.

I think The Emperor and The Empress may have some helpful hints about how you can move through the world so that you can walk with me, Strength, or any other archetype for that matter, in a way that is at once full of humility and confidence.

Emperor? Empress? Did Strength introduce you in the way you wish to be presented?

It worked for me. Empress? How about you?

Strength is very kind. I am so happy to sit only 5 archetypes away from her in the tarot deck*. I can feel her glow from here.

As for any helpful hints that Strength suggested I may have, perhaps I could remind you all of the importance of feeling really good about inhabiting your own skin. And that, if you are feeling somewhat uncomfortable about the body you have been living in, you take steps to make sure that you can come out of that suffering.

Whether that be through mindful activities, mindful eating, or simply hanging out with people who appreciate you as you come, rather than placing unnecessary and limited judgments upon you. Find the open-hearted ones and stay with them! Emperor? Do you wish to expand?

Hmmm, I think I would like to remind everyone of their innate capacity to lead their own life. Even though there are authorities or persuasive peoples that try to convince us that we cannot be trusted to make our own decisions, and instead listen to them alone – I would hope that this is changing.

We are all our own masters, and as long as we are behaving in ways that do not harm ourselves or others, then we are in a good position to offer our wisdom to the community with integrity and grace. I would think there would be less conflict or at least less unresolved conflict if more people continued to learn skills that allowed more harmonious living.

And what skills do you think would help us Emperor?

I think I’d like to pass that question over to our friend the Queen of Vessels.

Ah, Queen of Vessels! We didn’t see you come in! Are you willing to respond and take this Tarot Reading for The Collective to its end?

I think yes. I mean, really, there are so many skills one can acquire to aid more harmonious living. I have a personal preference for inner emotional work, so I will always encourage people to take time to sit with what’s happening inside of them and learn to understand their emotions rather than suppressing them or lying about them.

I trust that The Collective can find their own ways for inner balance. I think as long as the intention is for connection with self and others, harmony in one’s relations and peace in one’s heart, then the best sources to fuel those intentions will appear as they need to, for each member of The Collective.

Hard work is necessary yet the benefits will always outweigh any hardships, and if The Collective is supporting one another to grow then the hardships will continue to diminish. 

May you all be happy.


*Strength is sometimes number 8, sometimes number 11 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck (thereby swapping with Justice), depending on which deck you are using. In this deck Strength is number 11. I refer to Strength as 8 for various reasons, one of the main ones probably just being that the decks I learned on all featured Strength as 8. Apparently it can be quite a contentious issue in the tarot community! I reckon just use your own intuition as to which number you refer to as Strength (if such things concern you or are relevant to you!) 🙂











Tarot Deck used for this reading: Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place

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