Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April © 2012 Sarah Barry

Those of you who have had some home time with tarot cards may have found that sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times you shuffle the cards, the same ones just keep coming up. This is what happened tonight when shuffling the cards for this reading. The cards in this deck have very striking and sometimes confronting imagery so I thought I’d keep shuffling to see if ‘softer’ cards came up (I am not in the habit of doing this by the way…just tonight…) Instead, EXACTLY the same cards came up, in EXACTLY the same order (bar one card). So I guess we are just going to take it how it comes, eh?

I am using the Thoth Tarot Deck for this tarot reading, and last night I did my first reading using this particular deck for a splendid friend who came around for dinner (with other splendid friends). It was just a mini one-card reading, yet that one card immersion made me curious enough to warrant doing a Tarot Reading for the Collective with this strangely beautiful deck.

So here it is! An April inspired sojourn towards the Queen of Wands with a hell of a lot of ruckus to pass through on the way! It’s not all bad, in fact, it’s not bad at all. It’s just HEAVY. And POWERFUL. And exactly what we need for the collective kick in the butt, so that we just get on with life instead of trying to blame others for the oddities that happen as a result of waking up everyday in a human body.

The 9 of Wands was there at the beginning of the month so I hope you had your feelers out for those weird moments of comparison and uncertainty that this archetype can be known to bring. I couldn’t warn you about this one ‘cause this reading is later than usual hey? Sometimes we’ll just have to find our own stories while Psychic Sarah decorates her new pushbike baskets and spins around in circles and forgets that a handful of people are waiting patiently for a reading in the ether.

I like the 9 of Wands but it can be a bit tedious as well… I mean… can’t we just embrace the wonderful sparks we witness in our fellow humans rather than going “why can’t I be like that”? Sometimes it is hard to bring our own sparkamometer up to full strength, so it is a good thing we are moving away from the 9 of Wands.

And onto… the 8 of Swords! Haha… oops… I’m not sure if the 8 of Swords will help with the sparkamometer either. Hello blocked intuition – how’re you going? Mind if we just sidle on by you on the way to The Sun? Very important business up ahead and would hate to be late for the celebration. See you another time perhaps?

The Sun! What a wonderful reminder to embrace each day as it comes and to expect unexpected beautiful things, just as we are often known to presume that the unexpected not-beautiful things will come. The Sun is a reminder to courageously express our hearts’ yearning, if not to anyone else at least to ourselves, so that we can stop acting like we are nothing but mounds of dirt. I think we may have caught up to the reading now, so expect The Sun to hover around over the next few days, and hey, why not the rest of the month!

Justice arrives next… maybe Saturday? Bringing our fragmented stories into balance and reminding us to put alignment at the top of the list is Justice’s specialty. Intuition takes its rightful place beside practical logic here, and Justice is wise enough to know that intuition is a special form of logic that unravels the most intellectually crafted thoughts, and replaces them with the sensation of watching the sun share its sparkly multicoloured magic as it descends into the other hemisphere as night falls upon our skins.

If we let Justice in this month we might be able to make decisions that, whilst looking somewhat strange on paper, leave us with clarity and a quiet suspicion of being well-loved by invisible forces.

Justice also prepares us well for The Tower! Oh I know, it’s been coming up a lot lately, hasn’t it? What to do? Carry on, with intuition so that we have no need to jump out of the fiery tower. Why get in The Tower anyway? Who told us to go in there? The Tower breaks down paradigms that are trapping us in old habit patterns and beliefs about ourselves. So, if we’re not subscribing to those old beliefs, then we don’t have to roll around in the crazy firebombs that The Tower can spew forth. Instead, we could get to know The Tower’s humane side.

Hi Tower, how’s life?

Frustrating! People keep freaking out every time I appear! Don’t they realise I am here to help?

Hmmm. You are painted in a kind of confronting way. Maybe people are getting mixed messages?

When I first saw my portrait I specifically told the creator of the first tarot deck to appear in the history of this world (whose name shall not be disclosed for privacy reasons… and also because nobody knows who they are) to supply me with a list of counsellors, art therapists, mediators, chocolate makers and chai wallahs so I could refer people onto the necessary assistance. But I never got this list and all I can do is freak people out. I can’t help it! 

What can we do to help you then?

TRUST YOUR INTUITION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Don’t make me come and drag you out of these ridiculous situations you keep stumbling into, only to hear you mutter “I KNEW that was going to happen”. Hindsight isn’t enough! Embrace the moment!

Okay! Thanks Tower! Here, have this cup of chamomile tea whilst we pop off for our appointment with the Queen of Wands.

Greetings Queen of Wands!

You’re early.

Oh? Well yes, I know but I just had to run forward a bit so I could write this Tarot Reading for the Collective. I’m already pretty late and I just want to get it out into the ether. Mind if I get some words of wisdom for The Collective from you?

Very well. How about you listen to what The Tower just told you all?


And how about you all remember your innate beauty, your quiet wisdom, your capacity to open your hearts to compassionate love and your ability to honour your strength and never again shy away from your own truth…

Ohhhh… yes, that sounds wonderful, thanks Queen of Wands.

It’s what The Tower would tell you if he could. Maybe in another universe.

I thought we were done, but the Knight of Cups just trotted in with the specific request that we hold onto our intentions until we are sure that our hearts are as pure as they can get (for now). And then when we share how we would like to grow in this world we are more likely to be met with integrity and warmth and like-minded souls.

May we all offer our hearts well with the Knight of Cups, remembering that all the journeys that have led us to this moment in time have woven stories into our hearts that have the capacity to heal others and ourselves.

Have fun sitting in the Cup of the Knight, and see you all next month for another reading from my ever-growing tarot deck collection 🙂

Tarot Deck used for this reading: Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley, painted by Lady Frieda Harris.

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