Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March © 2012 Sarah Barry

Hello March! I hope you don’t mind if we try and navigate your gifts a bit before you fully unfold in all your wild beauty. I’ve decided to use The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot deck to allow a more kooky perspective on a month that seems to be jam-packed with strange splendour.

We enter quietly onto March Street, looking around and wondering if the world can see yet that we have arrived. The High Priestess has left her discombobulating legacy with us: we must walk through this month always allowing space for even our most inaudible and fleeting intuitions. There is a lot of fire and action approaching us now, and we need to have our own language for noticing the quiet within the noise of life as it descends upon us.

What kind of noise? The noise of Strength? The 5 of Cups? The 5 of Wands? Oh there is plenty to choose from! Take Strength for example. Often depicted as a woman hanging out with a lion, here we have a fly wielding a large club over a massive lion. (The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot departs from the usual tarot imagery, so expect the descriptions and pictures to be a little stranger than usual.)

This unique take on Strength asks us to suspend all our doubts and judgments and allow the seemingly impossible to actually become possible. Perhaps it will be within our capacity to come out of melancholia, to enjoy all the funny and sometimes trying events that a day on the planet can bring, to love every part of our bodies and every part of our crazy monkey minds.

I think Strength would love for us to stop judging ourselves and others, and just get on with the good business of creating peace on the planet. And if that means we sometimes need a break from certain people or surroundings, then let’s do just that. Yet let’s make sure that while we are having our break we make the effort to learn how to deal with those difficulties. That way, when we’re confronted with tribulations we are more likely to simply deal with them, rather than reject these seemingly harsh lessons with a flippant negative comment (no matter how justified it might seem to say it!).

I’m feeling so inspired by the power of Strength that I am almost reluctant to lead us on to the next batch of tarot cards. I mean, what if the new cards don’t inspire us and encourage us like Strength does? What if they don’t understand how hard we have been working and how much progress we made with Strength.

“Oi!! Strength! Do you suppose we could have a letter of recommendation for the path ahead?”

“Hmmm, well this is a bit unusual… I mean I think you’ll all be fine… but very well then. How’s this?”:


Dear All Archetypes Beyond Strength,

Know this! That the people who stand before you are courageous warriors indeed! They are daring to break away from conformity, speak once-forbidden secrets and become more their natural uninhibited selves with every new dawn that graces this planet.

These are not people to tread on as they navigate this world with fierce determination. While they learn new and eccentric ways to discover happiness in as many places as possible, please give them the space they need to grow.




“Thanks Strength”. Let us tuck this letter close to our bosoms as we approach the 5 of Cups, with its sneaky ways of trying to trick us into pessimistic melancholia, and the 5 of Wands, with its power-point displays of drama and bickering.

Us: “Hey 5 of Cups, hi 5 of Wands, carry on, we’re just passing through. See this letter? Strength doesn’t want us to have any obstacles this month.”

5 of Cups/Wands: “Let me see that… Hang on, there’s actually nothing here that specifically mentions no obstacles. I doubt Strength would want you all to miss out on an opportunity to grow through suffering.”

Us: “Well that’s just it guys – there’s enough suffering in the world as it is! We certainly don’t need to be hanging out with you two trying to create chaos, diverting us from our ever-blossoming mindfulness…”

5 of Cups/Wands: Fine, fine, carry on then, I mean we’re just doing what we’re meant to be doing, but if you don’t want to find the merit in our actions then go! Do remember though that we are here to grovel around with you whenever you want to mourn over spilt milk, or have an argy-bargy with someone – or yourselves.”

Us: “Thanks for the offer, but… hey 9 of Coins (Pentacles)! How lovely to see you! How are you?”

9 of Coins: “Oh hello everyone. I’m just sitting here feeling pretty good about myself. How about you?”

Us: “Tired but I think we’re doing alright. We had a good time with Strength earlier, and we managed to avoid getting stuck with the 5 of Cups and the 5 of Wands…”

9 of Coins: “Oh those two? Yes, they mean well but sometimes they can get so attached to their particular way of thinking. Perhaps they are afraid to embrace all the joy and diversity in life for fear that they might lose their conditioned notion of safety?”

Us: “Maybe. Who knows? Anyway, do you have anything to share with us?”

9 of Coins: “What, you want more? Perhaps just keep trusting in your own abilities to create something truly worthwhile in this life. And also trust that sometimes the seemingly time-wasting episodes in your days are at the very least giving you some time for introspection, and at the most, saving your lives. I think the 8 of Coins will agree… 8 of Coins?”

8 of Coins: “Greetings and salutations! Oh yes, definitely, 9 of Coins, and thank you for introducing me to the collective. I would also like to add that hard work and the capacity to apply creative thinking to any obstacle we encounter will allow us to be calmer, more accomplished and more connected to the world around us.”

“Well said, 8”.

“Thanks 9”.

Us: “And thank you everyone. I think all this could help. To finish, I was wondering if you knew of any archetypes that could be a wild card for us for the month?”

8 of Coins: “Well I think we’ve all been helpful enough, but if you want a bit extra just go for the 2 of Wands. Perfect for integration, the 2 of Wands will help you be visionary in your thoughts and connected to the importance of intuitive understanding of what is best for you all in any given moment.”

And I reckon this particular 2 of Wands (see below) looks pretty all-knowing. Perhaps it can help us face the rest of this month with such a grounded sense of self that we can only behave in ways that help us respect, love and trust ourselves.











Tarot Deck used for this Reading for the Collective: The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov.

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