World Café Readers’ Evening at Ashfield Library

Photo taken by Vanessa at Ashfield Library

When I went full-time in my tarot career in 2003, being taken seriously enough to be invited to speak about my profession to an audience was not something I would have anticipated. But there I found myself, on Thursday 28th of July talking at Ashfield Library’s World Café Readers’ Evening.

The hard-working librarians at this large library with an eclectic collection of books and DVDs had put together an evening for invited guests to celebrate the opening of their renovated library. There is still more work going on, but at the moment they are open and catering well to a variety of different tastes.

Once guests had arrived and been offered food and drinks, a tour began that saw the 60 odd guests being treated to talks by speakers in the different divisions of the library. There were 10-minute talks given in the genres of Planet Earth, World Affairs, Body and Mind, Lifestyle, Crime Fiction, Romance and Science Fiction/Science Fantasy. (A particularly hilarious speaker in the Sci Fi genre!)

I gave a talk in Body and Mind. (Interestingly, I was informed that this is the most pilfered-from section!) I enjoyed having the chance to talk about being a tarot reader; how this work gives me the unique opportunity to meet people from a broad cross-section of society; and the historical aspects of the tarot. The people who had come were a great audience in that they were receptive and welcoming.

Thank you to Karen Dwarte for inviting me to the evening and thus helping remind me of the joy that comes with hanging out in a library. I was impressed at the range of books at Ashfield, including a big graphic novel section that I had to tear myself away from to do my talk! It was the first time I have spoken about my profession to a large crowd of people and I found it was an experience I would like to repeat.

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Photo taken by Vanessa at Ashfield Library

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