“Words are hard to find to explain the depth and wisdom of Sarah’s readings.  I have been seeing Sarah since I came to this country 9 years ago.  I trust her completely.  Her integrity and ability to assist me in the way that was right for me is unparalleled by anyone I have seen with the ability to assist people this way.

Not only has it been accurate, there is a sense of true empowerment and insight into yourself that allows you to become the person that you always knew you were.”

“Sarah is a mature and sensitive healer. She unfolds the future gently yet firmly, telling only what one needs to know. Sarah sometimes sees danger and sometimes a happy future, but she always gives one the feeling of self worth, of being capable of handling whatever may occur. I have found Sarah’s predictions to be accurate, uplifting and enlightening.”

“For over seven years, when the need arises, I seek a tarot reading from Sarah J. Barry. I receive colourful insight, gentle care, practical help and a sense of visionary and artistic empowerment, to name just a few. Sarah has an extraordinary ability to listen and genuinely empathise. She conducts each reading with sensitivity and is clearly working with all that is present and now, a clean deck each reading.

She makes me laugh, she tells me stories and I consistently learn from the profound intelligence she works with and embodies. I appreciate what is said and quietly respect all that is not said, her ability to communicate is easeful and natural. I trust her heart and psychic ability completely and her distant readings wield just as much insight as one taking place in her physical presence. 

Psychic Sarah’s Tarot…….a bright light that can shine into a dark corner, facilitating deep introspection, illuminating more clearly the infinite pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, and the empowerment to use ones own hand and place down yet another piece within the mystery.  Phew, time then to get up, and to get on. I am so grateful for what she offers.”

“Sarah is an exceptional psychic tarot reader. She has the most wonderful ability to provide guidance and insight not only into one’s future, but also into one’s present. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Sarah’s readings are comprehensive and detailed. She has a unique gift to reach into the energetic levels, and translate what’s going on there in a way that is fun and enlightening.”

“I would have to say that Sarah is the most insightful and accurate tarot reader I have seen. Not only do her readings give me a clear insight into my life path but they inspire me to continue making the changes I need, to create the life I want.”

“Sarah Barry’s accurate, practical and insightful readings will lead you to the empowering wisdom of your own heart.”

~ All testimonials are from actual clients, kept anonymous in order to maintain privacy.

Every psychic works differently: for more information about how I work go to About Psychic Sarah & How She Works

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