[Tarot Newsletter] A Seven of Wands Style Metamorphosis (& A Happy New Year!)

My final Tarot Newsletter for 2018 is out, this time featuring the Seven of Wands. Learn how to build your stamina to face the changes you want to see in the world! ❤️💫💫 bit.ly/TNDec18

[Tarot Newsletter] House of Dior and All the Fours ♥♣♦♠

My final Tarot Newsletter for the year is now live, featuring some news from reading tarot in the realm of high fashion, plus a mini reading from the Card(s) of the Month: All the Fours! ♥♣♦♠ bit.ly/TNDec17

[Tarot Newsletter] Healing Stars ✨ & Self-Determined Queens 👑

My final tarot newsletter for 2016 is now live. For healing tales from The Star & the Queen of Pentacles (& my holiday hours & a big thank you), click here!   bit.ly/TNDec16