The Wild Unknown Tarot

I am now selling The Wild Unknown Tarot deck from my tarot office. This is a beautiful deck that I love using for myself and for others.

Usually this deck is sold for US$40 plus US$20 shipping to Australia, coming to nearly AUD$85. You can buy this deck directly from me for just AUD$55, and if you arrange with me to pick it up from my office, there is no postage fee! I can send it to you anywhere in Australia for $8 postage, so you’ll still be saving over $20.

Let me know if you live or work in the Inner West of Sydney, as there is a good chance that I could swing by your home or workplace on my trusty bicycle to hand deliver your Wild Unknown Tarot deck at no extra cost (let me know if you want me to drop off some of my Queen of Cups chai as well!). You can see what the deck looks like on the Wild Unknown website, and you can also see some of the images in a recent Tarot Reading for the Collective on my website.


If you want to purchase a deck, there are four ways you can pay:

1. Cash, if you pick up directly from me at my office in Newtown (please note, I am at my office from Sunday to Wednesday, and will be doing tarot readings for clients during most of that time. So a pick up will have to be within a very specific time period, which we will sort out. There is no way to get to my office without prior arrangement with me).
OR via online methods:
2. PayPal (if you have an account)
3. If you don’t have a PayPal account I can send you a payment request to your email address and you can pay by credit card without having to sign up to PayPal.
4. Direct deposit to my bank account.
Please email me at sarahthepsychic AT gmail DOT com to purchase your tarot deck, and to get the online payment details. This is for Australian customers only.
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