Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ November © 2011 Sarah Barry

Dear November,

I write to you on behalf of everyone. A bold statement I know, especially considering I have not met every single member of the 7 billion human clan on the planet. I also haven’t spoken to anyone else about this letter to you. So yes, bold. And undoubtedly crazy.

Allow me to reassure you that I just want everyone to be happy, to have faith in their own intrinsic worth, and have such a need for community and peace in their world that they will do whatever they can to embrace diversity and foster connection (whilst looking after themselves at the same time).

This letter is really just an appeal for your help. November comes before December, and December is customarily a time for mass freaking out and drunken disconnections. Your mission November, is to provide us with a stage for wisdom so that December doesn’t have to be one of those utterly ridiculous, eyeball-rolling months.

So I’m looking at what tarot cards have fallen, and can see you have told us to move away from The Sun towards the 5 of Wands, and shortly thereafter the Page of Wands. I.e. – enough with joyful celebration of inner connection (The Sun) – instead move onto clumsily trying to assert boundaries in conflicts (5 of Wands) and then be a revolutionary and lead the way for creative freedom (Page of Wands).

I am sure you have your reasonings, O November. I have no doubt that you have more understanding than I, of what The Collective needs. I after all, only experience November as Sarah Barry in Sydney – you experience it collectively and everywhere!

I am curious, though, to know how we will know how to be fearless and clear-minded in our assertions (Page of Wands) when we have just been rolling around with the frustrating ways of the 5 of Wands? I mean, shouldn’t we instead have a bit of meditation time with the 4 of Swords, or a bit of intuition time with The High Priestess, or even a bit of mulling-over time with The Hanged Man? No? Straight into the fire then?

Ohhh…. so is it because we have no time to waste? Do we have to be reminded that we have done the work already and we just need to pull our fingers out and stop waiting for our Golden Invitation to Our Own Worthiness And Self-Mastery?


Hmm, so that’s why you put the 9 of Pentacles and the Knight of Swords there hey? Embrace the abundance (9 of Pentacles) that life offers and then run impatiently (Knight of Swords) towards the next task, sharing our joy with as many people as we can in as many different and creative ways as we can think of before we tuck into bed for the night?

But what if we are struggling to meet the openhearted joy of the 9 of Pentacles?  What if the pain in the world is momentarily paralyzing our ability to find hope? O November, couldn’t we have been given a dose of the 2 of Cups to help us commit to what our hearts yearn to express? Or some splashings of bold insight from The Magician? Are we really going to have to have to be responsible humans committed to peace in this world without having an unequivocally popular and fabulous tarot archetype to cheer us along?

What’s that? You’re giving us the Queen of Swords?

…Yes… she will do.

So let us climb aboard the Queen of Sword’s throne as she steers us in a direction that requires us to be fearless in our pursuit of honesty and self-awareness. She is a stickler for detail, and will prompt us to keep on checking in with ourselves as deeply as we can manage, again and again, so that we can be as bold and as clear-minded as our birthright demands.

If she is ruling the Novemburian skies in 2011, she is making sure that we never have to hold our tongue for fear of being vilified. She wants us to speak our hearts with as much vulnerability and power as we can muster. She is a Queen all right – in every sense of the world. As she lives in us may we learn to trust the beauty she compels us to share with our communities.

Thanks November.

In anticipation of a good month ahead,

Sarah Barry


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Tarot deck used for this reading: Tarot of the Cloisters, by Michelle Leavitt

from Tarot of the Cloisters, by Michelle Leavitt


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