Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ October © 2011 Sarah Barry

The Death card stands before us, beckoning a way forward that will surely allow us to let go of the fetters of everyday life.

“Walk with me and allow your lives to become spacious and free” it says with a knowing smile. Keep in mind; the Death Tarot card is not necessarily talking about actual death, just death as a metaphor. Although of course being around physical death is helpful in understanding the Death tarot card, it is not essential.

So stop breathing into that brown paper bag. All is well. Besides, it seems that collectively, the general consensus is that we are to move away from this misunderstood archetype (“Too intense!” “A skeleton with a scythe!” “Eek!”) towards the Ace of Wands instead. Happy now? (I know that some of you will be disappointed, but hey, this is a reading for The Collective. Please feel free to do some musings on the wonder of the Death card in your own time.)

With the appearance of the Ace of Wands we are given the chance to have faith in our wisdom and fire on out into the world with creative strength and clarity of mind.

Of course, if we had spent some more time with the Death card we would have more wisdom to bring to the Ace of Wands, but never mind that now. Another time.

Oh look I just can’t drop it okay? So it was me that wanted to spend more time with the Death card. For those of you who are with me in appreciating a lengthier stay with Death, let us allow this archetype to remind us of our capacity to feel things deeply. It doesn’t want us to hurry along with life – rather, it reminds us to keep diving into our ever-growing awareness of who we are and what we are capable of doing if we take the time to think and to feel.

I feel better now, thank you. I will allow the reading to continue. So onto The Sun and into a celebration of our journey thus far. Even though we might look at the world sometimes and think, “yikes – it’s all gone to shit”…The Sun wants us to celebrate even the smallest acts of defiance against the overwhelming odds.

So instead of getting caught up in pessimism, The Sun suggests we have a look at how far we’ve come, reminds us of the empowered choices we have made, and asks us to embrace the more liberating aspects of our lives.

Having a bask in The Sun prepares us well for the 8 of Wands and the oodles of opportunities it brings. Opportunities for what? Anywhere we want to see more progress – whether that is in work, relationships, family connection, spiritual practice… as long as we are getting clear about what needs we are wanting to put on the table (Contribution? Consideration? Choice? Freedom? Acceptance?), the 8 of Wands will help us put in the right amount of effort to get things moving our way.

Here to help us recognise the opportunities that may come our way is The High Priestess. She is a follower of dreams and a creator of open space in our hearts, so that we have more capacity for trusting our intuition. She is only making a brief appearance this month, more just to make sure that we stay on track.

With her assistance we can see the possibilities the 8 of Wands can bring us, and then she realigns us with common sense so that we can understand that just because the 7 of Cups (following The High Priestess) is offering a smorgasbord of things to choose from doesn’t mean we have to accept them.

The 7 of Cups allows us to observe that life is giving us choice. It also asks us to remember what we want so that we don’t choose inappropriately. It would also probably like to whisper to us that the things that it offers aren’t really what we need for happiness. That nugget only comes from doing inner work, not from external circumstances (well, not in the long-term anyway. Maybe external circumstances would bring some joy – for a good 5 minutes or so…).

So in short, let us keep on growing, keep on checking in on ourselves, and if something ain’t right may we keep on finding more peaceable ways of relating to ourselves and others. Have a Sun filled month peoples!


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Tarot Deck used for this reading: Stella’s Tarot by Stella Kaoruko, painted by Takako Hoei

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