Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ September © 2011 Sarah Barry

There was a small scuffle as we entered the month of September (the good ol’ 5 of Wands is always ready for some shenanigans), because we had forgotten that there were more important things to do. What could possibly be more important than throwing around our highly enlightening opinions? Surely people need to be reminded of our intellectual pontifications?

No, they don’t. We really need to remember that everything is more important than our opinions. Opinions are constantly changing, and only really ever represent our reality for the moment we speak them. And that is my opinion. Which will no doubt change by the time I finish typing this Tarot Reading For The Collective.

So as soon as we moved on from those first few days (or week) of scuffly weirdness, we had an Ace on our hands. The Ace of Pentacles (referred to as the Ace of Coins in this deck) no less – and what a cute Ace this is! (see picture below.) Yes, I am using another animal–inspired tarot deck again – this time The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. And although the eccentric representation of this archetype may lead us to think that our charisma alone will get the job done – we must continue to work beyond our mere facades.

The Ace of Pentacles indicates we have something to build here – even if we have just a thread of a thought to work with. This thread is a part of ourselves that we can nurture, so we can offer much more to our own selves and our communities.

So off we go, working away at getting to know our quieter, more intuitive parts and taking a good long hard look at them, and pummeling out the ridiculous parts and the ego-centric parts. Adding special ingredients to the heart-centered cosmos-splitting parts (Page of Cups) means we can have more fun with our adventures.

[N.B I am wondering what I mean by cosmos-splitting. I think, something to do with wildness and spontaneity and limitless possibilities]

Ingredients the Page of Cups could help us to add to the mix might be things like multicoloured faux-fur (literal or metaphorical) wrapped around our collective mortar and pestle so that our grinding away at our old demons won’t harm us or freak us out. Rather, we can be inspired by our ingenuity and know that there is no need to force ourselves into a transition for which we are not quite ready.

Of course, keeping a steady pace for our growth will no doubt be beneficial for ourselves and everyone around us (it is said that at the time of the Buddha, someone asked him at what pace we should approach our enlightenment. The response was said to be “As you would approach a pond if your head was on fire”); but we have to be clear that our motivations for growing are pure (not just because we have a crush on someone/ we want to show off/ we want to say “I told you so” to someone/ we are bored).

Next up comes The Empress to help us have the courage to taste what we are creating. She has such a relaxed and grounded attitude about life. When she is hanging out with us we can feel confident in our abilities to discern the source of the flow of our inner creative wisdom, and from where the internal sludgy swamp-head first appears.

Remembering this Empress awareness, we can gaze upon the 5 of Pentacles and not get caught up in the delusion it tries to drag us into. We can look at what people are taking away from us (our dreams, our ideas and our rights) and realise that they only have power over us if we believe in their rules in the first place.

The laws of this land that prevent certain people from enjoying things which others take for granted, can drag us down and depress us – or force us to be more creative and fiery in the way we exist. With the 5 of Pentacles we have a choice: believe the rhetoric, or buck against ‘normality’ and learn how to feel our own way.

So let us skip away from the 5 of Pentacles (we can meet its sweeter side another day) and join hands with the Queen of Wands.  Here’s a Queen who wants us to do something productive with our learnings. She will meet up with us towards the end of the month (Spring/Autumn Equinox on September 23 could be an auspicious moment) to help us review our monthly progress.

With awareness of our past actions of the month we are more likely to have a better understanding of our place in the world. If we are still uncertain about particular things we then have the opportunity to change the way in which we are working.

And if we are enjoying our results? Then keep on working as well. The Queen of Wands is never one to pass up an opportunity to encourage and inspire. It might be time to pull the more life-changing ideas out of the closet this month with her around. Enjoy!


Tarot deck used for this reading: ‘The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot’ by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, based on J.J. Grandville’s illustrations.

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