Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ July © 2011 Sarah Barry

Judgment has spoken: Theoretical understanding is no longer of primary importance. Rather, it is our intentions and actions that need our utmost attention. Judgment (referred to as ‘Aeon’ in this deck) wants to make sure that before it lets us go we have understood the importance of keeping our intentions pure and transparent. We have to know how to best work with the following card – the 2 of Pentacles.

At a superficial glance, the 2 of Pentacles may appear boring and very stepping stone-like, rather than a final goal. Yet this seemingly mundane 2 of Pentacles is actually holding our brains together and making sure we don’t completely lose the plot. Does that sound tedious? Last time I checked there was a fair amount of animosity swinging around this beautiful planet to which we owe our lives. If we don’t get a bit of stabilising from the 2 of Pentacles within every now and then we run the risk of getting lost in madness, anger or delusion.

Let us take the practical recommendations of balance and equanimity from the 2 of Pentacles, so that we are in a better position to brainstorm with Temperance (referred to as ‘Art’ in this deck…there are a few name changes with this one). Conversing with Temperance with the level head we have gained from our interaction with the 2 of Pentacles, means we can dive more deeply into the rich experience of trusting our own wisdom.

Temperance allows us the opportunity to know where we stand in this world, so that there is more meaning to our movements. And we will want to know what we are meant to be doing because we have theKing of Cups there expecting us to do something fabulous.

Sometimes I wish those pesky court cards (i.e. the Page, Knight, Queen and King) would leave us alone and let us rest for a while before we have to regroup and present to the world again and again. “But” says theKing of Cups, “I think you may have forgotten how fragile and unpredictable the human life is. You want a rest? Spend less time disconnecting from your spirit and you probably won’t mind this stepping forth into your birthright of power. I don’t care what the laws of the land are saying. I want to know what beauty and pain is awake in your heart. And I want you to share that with those who will listen and feel.”

Okay then. I actually really do love the court cards. I don’t know, sometimes it just seems appealing to bag them out. Apologies to all the court cards within: I appreciate your unfailing capacity to bring me back on board, especially when doubt or boredom creeps in.

So, back to us: you, me and the universe. What comes after the organic life-flow of the King of Cups? ThePage of Pentacles – another court card ha-ha! Hooray for the Page, for he is a true revolutionary. He may not appear to know where he’s going but because his instincts are so turned on it doesn’t really matter. To travel with the Page of Pentacles means we are getting better at trusting our creative instinct and ability to let go. As long as we have at least a vague feel for the direction we are heading in, the Page of Pentacles can work with us.

By way of work, this Page will walk briskly ahead as we pant and stumble behind. This is a bush-walk at midnight, on a moonless night, and we have no idea where the track or the cliff-edge lies. The Page of Pentacles knows though. (and you know that we all have this archetype within us right? We have ALL of them in us!) Our task is to not be deterred by the fearful beating of our hearts and to stop listening to the voice that says we are going to fall or get lost. By turning up every single instinct we have, based on every bit of learning we have acquired in our whole life so far we have a good chance at finding our way.


And then, when we are feeling all fired up and ready for everything we run into the Tower.

Sorry about that.

But what did we expect anyway? An icecream sundae served on a silver tray? This is life, and when we learn something life sends us a little test. The test doesn’t always have to be problematic – in fact it can be like a walk in the park. It really depends on how much equanimity we picked up from the 2 of Pentacles,Temperance, the King of Cups and the Page of Pentacles. We’ve had plenty of options.

Life will throw us the edgy changes of the Tower because we are strong enough to withstand them. Also, our time with the Tower allows us to see life stripped bare, and get inspired to regroup and grow again and again until we take our last breath. I’ve included a picture of the Tower at the bottom of this tarot reading. Perhaps you will find it scary or confronting. Perhaps exciting. But all the chaos we see in the Tower is around us every day. It is up to us to be able to confront this reality and find a more harmonious and life-affirming way to walk with its power. The 4 of Wands can help with that. (included pictorially also, for balance.)

With the 4 of Wands comes the refreshing reminder of the internal shift and relief that arrives with changing our habitual patterns of reaction. To walk with the 4 of Wands this month is to walk with the part of ourselves that is crazy enough to keep diving into the wall of terror that has been built around us, taking the hands of those who are willing and pulling them into their own wisdom. This dance of life is certainly a mysterious one.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and daily Vipassana meditation – that’s what helps me. I’m off to meditate for 10 days – see you when I get back 🙂

Tarot deck used for this reading: Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

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