Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ February © 2011 Sarah Barry

Trying to move away from the 5 of Cups is never easy. The 5 helpfully points out what isn’t working in our lives yet is so unmotivated that it can’t will us to stop moping about and just get on with things. Usually we need a good dose of empathy from ourselves or others before we can start to head onwards.

Well, we must have enjoyed some first-rate empathetic listening recently because it looks like we do indeed manage to shake off that apathy-inducing 5 of Cups.  So off we go, waving goodbye to the 5 and saying hello to Death. Oh look. I know Death appears frequently in these collective tarot readings and that I have a seemingly perverse tendency to go on and on about it, but I swear Death really turned up right now! And I promise I only have one Death card in the deck of 78…(and I shuffled thoroughly).

So Death makes sure we’ve killed off any wacked-out delusions for a month of good solid hard work. This February is a month of presenting our best (9 of Cups). Best of what, exactly, is up to us individually – but by golly with Death on our tail it had better be something we believe in!

9 of Cups: Death! What are you doing here?

Death: Psychic Sarah keeps randomly pulling me out of the deck.

[Author’s note. Yes I keep randomly pulling out Death for these collective readings, but may I remind you that they are COLLECTIVE readings, therefore EVERYONE is responsible!!]

9 of Cups: Death! Why are you watching me?

Death: I’m admiring your creative spirit and verve. Reminds me of a time before I started looking like a skeleton. I hope you’re going to guide the beings to do something useful with all that energy. It’s not like I’m going to be simply a metaphor for them always you know.

9 of Cups: Shhh, yes, yes I know Death. But for now, a metaphor is what you are to these special beings, so please just get on with your job of transforming their perceptions, and inspiring their self-growth.

Death: Righto then.

A vivacious dance of accomplishment with the 9 of Cups means a necessary debriefing with the 3 of Swords, to make sure that we are still on track. The 3 of Swords helps us clarify what is and isn’t working in our lives so that we can avoid any false delusions of grandeur, amongst other sanity-zappers.

After all that melancholia of the 5 of Cups; the stern yet transformative Death; the show-stopping-show-off 9 of Cups and the no-nonsense objectivity of the 3 of Swords – a swim with The Star is just what we need. The Star softens the crunchy bits and smooths over the cracks. She breathes cool wind over our agitated bodies and sings soothing lullabies while we sleep. She won’t stay far beyond the full moon (February 18), yet she’ll leave us calm enough to realize that nothing external is holding us back.

Finally, as we round the last corner of the month, the Knight of Pentacles will step in with a humble vision all of his own. He will have watched as we passed through the different archetypes (with varying degrees of difficulty) and will offer us a thought: Perhaps we can receive far more from the universe if we give even more Courageously. That courage can be drawn from all the archetypes that dwell within us this month. Even the ones that push us to the edge of our comfort zone are allowing us the gift of humility and vision.

Tarot deck used for this reading: Stella’s Tarot, by Stella Kaoruko. Painted by Takako Hoei

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