Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ January © 2011 Sarah Barry

There’s nothing like a good jaunt with The Emperor to get us clear in the mind and ready for a big year ahead. Initially we skipped into the year with the Knight of Wands (or Batons – the tool name of choice in the deck I am using: Tarot of The Witches), and we ended up feeling, oh… well a bit skittish really.

The Knight of Wands is a fabulous playmate, full of motivation and groove… yet… well he’s a Knight, okay? And over here is The Emperor… and whilst I don’t like to pull rank, The Emperor has no qualms about it.  He assures me that we can hang out with the Knight of Wands as much as we like come mid-February, but for now we should start the year with him… The Emperor.

So, he takes us by the arm and gestures to what we have built so far and what more needs to be done, pronto. Full of clarity and logic, he’s good to have around when taking the arduous step of making dreams into reality.

Having an archetype like this in our world right now means we are more likely to structure our time so that the useless plans are dismissed and the fabulous plans get all the benefit of our wisdom.

But what to do with the Cups? All those Cups – they are gathering all around us and I’m not certain they are part of our winning strategy. And they are obstructing The Emperor and the Queen of Pentacles (Coins in this deck) from their tango. Of course their dance hasn’t anything to do with passion, or anything that would have the Empress worried (if the Emperor and Empress were indeed a couple. They are not, just two strong and feisty individuals who happen to share an ‘Emp’).

Their tango is about joining structure, logic and leadership  (The Emperor) with winning verve, spontaneous creativity and double-daring feats of awesomeness (Queen of Pentacles)!

But those Cups, those Cups… Usually such a helpful bunch, yet I fear that in this instance they have reduced themselves to archetypes of which to be wary.  Please do not let my whistle-blowing below stop you from loving them – they will help us again in the future, they just want to temporarily hang out with the naughty kids for some much needed venting (being an emotional Cup suit can be a bit much sometimes, ok? Always compassionate and understanding – never blunt or fiery – it can suck).

So the 10 of Cups sneaks in after our Emperor time and makes us feel all warm and cozy. “Why go any further?” asks the 10. “Stay put, knowing that you have done everything you need to achieve, and can now enjoy life with minimal fuss”.

No! Don’t stop moving! Are you feeling deliriously content and full of love for EVERY BEING IN THE WORLD including that phlegm-spitting individual who drove past you nearly knocking you off your bike whilst swearing obscenities? No love there? Then keep moving. Your work is not yet done.

…And the 7 of Cups – hey 7 of Cups! Come back, I didn’t mean to scare you off… oh, well if the 7 of Cups were still here she would be throwing too many options at us, which is great except that there are too many options and it’s confusing and why make any decision why not sit back and eat ice-cream (No ice-cream and no sitting back, the year has only just begun for crying out loud).

[Please note, on other days the 10 of Cups inspires, and the 7 of Cups allows progressive contemplation. Please still love them, they are our friends].

Now that the Queen of Pentacles has shimmied her way with us, the Knight of Pentacles can come in for a victory dance. This Knight is full of ideas for a bright year ahead that allows us the confidence and excitement to feel more fully alive and in charge of our own destinies.

To help us with the understanding that we are personally responsible for kick-starting this year right, I thought I’d jump to another deck (Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi) for a crazy wild card (this is a crazy wild deck by the way): and we have – Death! Ohhhh…. Hahaha, sorry about that hey.  I mean it’s fantastic really but you know, Death can sound like a bit of a dampener for a wild card.

This Death card has a skeleton with a big snake winding through its eye sockets and mouth! Wild! And really, having the Death card for January means we have every reason to expect life-changing moments that define and exhilarate us. All without having to die (yet!).  Onward and upward!

The deck used for this tarot reading: Tarot of The Witches by Fergus Hall, with a cameo appearance from Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi.

from 'Tarot of The Witches' by Fergus Hall

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