Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ December © 2010 Sarah Barry

Just back away from the 10 of Swords and no one needs to get hurt. Seriously, what were we thinking? “Oh yeah, I’ll just forget who I am momentarily and go hang out in a barren field where I can feel sorry for myself and, oh look! Swords! 10 of them! Wow… owww!’” The 10 of Swords is one of those archetypes to be wary of. Do something constructive, listen to our instincts, and get the hell out of the misery pool we were blindly wandering into.

We’ve been through enough this year to know that these particular sharp pointy things, all 10 of them no less, are not our friends. Well, seeing as they are archetypes and they exist inside of us, I guess they are our friends per se, but really they are the kind of friends that you just nod and wave to at a party. We don’t have to go and have a deep and meaningful with them.

Especially seeing as the High Priestess is sitting there in her amicable way, waiting to converse with us. That’s right people – the High Priestess. It took her all year to take centre stage, but here she is as our flavor of the month. The High Priestess took some time out of her busy schedule to have a quick chat with me about how she likes to work with the universe, and all the beings that dwell within.

SB: Hello High Priestess. Thank you for your time. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me.  You seem to be an archetype that people get very excited about. As if your presence alone will make us aware of our intuition in such a profound way that all our problems will disappear. Is this your intention?

HP: Hmmm, well, I’m sure I would inspire people to trust their intuition, absolutely, but really there is so much more depth to what I offer.

SB: Would you mind expanding on that?

HP: Well, I like to think that through my arrival in someone’s life, or particularly the life of the collective, it means that people are starting to awaken to the understanding that there is more to life than acting out word for word what their forbears have taught them. I like to encourage individual awareness, arising from a more meditative and broad-minded approach to life.

SB: Cool, thanks High Priestess. Hey look, I just noticed that some other archetypes have come in, so you mind if I chat to them as well?

HP: No, not at all. I am happy to work with all archetypes at any point of the journey, and have the utmost respect for their unique lessons.

SB: Great! Well uh, The Chariot popped in first so its over to you.  Hey Chariot. Why are you here?

C: Well, I’m a natural progression after the High Priestess. She has paved the way for deeper realisations, and I can assist the collective in carrying those understandings into practical situations. With my help, people are more likely to honour their path through direct, and clear action.

SB: So you’re not just a blokey medieval image of modern day horse-racing then?

C: No Sarah.

SB: Okay… well, thank you Chariot, and ah, who came in next? Was it you 2 of Wands or was it the Knight of Swords?

KS: It was me, me! My turn!

HP: Knight of Swords you know very well the 2 of Wands came in before you.

KS: (sigh)

SB: 2 of Wands? Are you here to help us calm down a bit after riding with The Chariot?

2W: Well, I guess you could put it that way if you wished, but really I am here to remind everyone of their original intention that arose during their time with the High Priestess. The Chariot, wonderful as it is, can sometime leave our adrenalin levels quite high, and we always need to make time afterwards to reconnect with our deepest purpose.

KS: Is it my turn yet?

SB: Well, okay then – thank you 2 of Wands by the way. I look forward to seeing you again. Knight of Swords, what would you like to share with us?

KS: Just get moving peoples! I know the end of year is great for all that reflection and contemplation and blah blah blah, but really we don’t need to be waiting around until the new year to get innovative ideas happening!

SB: So what would you suggest then?

KS: Meditate with the High Priestess, plan action with The Chariot, reflect and renew with the 2 of Wands, then come to me for a kick up the collective butt. I like ideas to go forth into the world As Soon As Possible, so that we can all benefit from changes that heal rather than stagnating in old patterns.

SB: Okay, so then why does the 7 of Cups follow you?

7C: I’m here to remind everyone that there will always be choice, and within those choices are responsibilities. With my current predecessors today, the journey is well and truly paved with depth and supportive assistance. When people come to visit me I like to remind them to remember their earlier goals. That way if the opportunities on offer are not yet suitable, they have the wisdom to wait until the right time and place appears.

KS: Are you saying I am impatient 7 of Cups?

7C: Yes I am Knight of Swords. Although your impatience can be truly valuable if the timing is right.

SB: So, in closing, is there any other archetype you think could be helpful to us as we step through the final stages of 2010?

HP: I nominate the 3 of Wands for its ability to take beautiful individual dreamings into the tapestry of the entire universal consciousness. Also the 4 of Pentacles for its capacity to ground us so that we don’t get carried away with fantasies.

SB: Thank you everyone for your contribution. May I also suggest, as a humble human being, that we also invite in the 8 of Wands so that we are better equipped to recognize all of you wonderful archetypes as you appear, and all the opportunities for growth you bring.

Tarot Deck used for this reading: ‘Stella’s Tarot’ by Stella Kaoruko, artwork by Takako Hoei

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